Futsal, Italy Under-19: trio against the Czech Republic in the Policoro Main Round

Lavrendi at the start, Perazzetta and Grosso in the second half secure the 3-0 win for the Azzurrini against the Prague national team on the first day of group 7

Peter Santercole

March 22nd
– Milan

The qualifying round of the Italfutsal Under 19 European Qualifiers begins in the best possible way. At the PalaErcole in Policoro, Max Bellarte’s Azzurrini beat the Czech Republic 3-0 and fly to command of the quadrangular together with Turkey, who in the opening match from group 7, again in Policoro, had defeated England 6-2 a few hours earlier.


Yaghoubian Schettino, Lavrendi, Bui and Grosso the first starting five of the national team, who has a sprint start and after four minutes unplugs the match on the development of an inactive ball: Bui’s corner, Lavrendi from close range slips Buchar. The reply from the Czech Republic is there, but Yaghoubian is an insurmountable wall: 1-0 at the interval. Balanced recovery in Policoro: shivering in the stands when a free-kick from Siler hits the crossbar, screaming at the top of my lungs when the Azzurrino doubled, still on an inactive ball, only the scorer changed, Perazzetta. In the crucial moment of the match, the definitive 3-0, signed by Grosso, arrives.


We return to the field on Thursday: at 3 pm there is the Czech Republic-Turkey, at 8.30 pm the Under 19 national team takes the field against England, always in live streaming. This is the summary of group 7: Turkey-England 6-2, Czech Republic-Italy 0-3, Czech Republic-Turkey (23/3, at 3pm), Italy-England (23/3, at 8:30pm, live figc .it), England-Czech Republic 25/3, at 3pm, Italy-Turkey, 25/3 at 8:30pm, live at figc.it. Standings: Turkey and Italy 3, England and the Czech Republic 0.


CZECH REPUBLIC: Buchar, Siler, Kuta, Ja. Zapotocky, Ji. Zapotocky, Spanik, Palatka, Tilinger, Svejkovsky, Tomek, Zlatnicek, Krotil. Coach Bruna

ITALY: Yaghoubian, Schettino, Lavrendi, Bui, Grosso, Gattarelli, Perazzetta, Avellano, Guerini, Vescio, Salvetti, La Barbera. Coach Bellarte

SCORERS: 3’15” pt Lavrendi (I), 11’04” st Perazzetta (I), 13’08” Grosso (I)

ADMONITES: Lavrendi (I), Guerini (I), La Barbera (I), Ji. Zapotocky (I)

REFEREES: Mladenovski (MKD), Rabrenovic (SRB), Santos (POR)