12/04/2022 at 00:02


    The Briton defeated his compatriot in a 10-round World Council heavyweight title bout that fuels the possibility of a fight between the two best in the world.

    The British Tyson Fury He gave his compatriot a dance this Saturday Derek Chisora and with a victory by technical KO in 10 rounds retained the World Boxing Council heavyweight title.

    At Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Fury He added his thirty-third win, 24 before the limit, with a draw and no setbackin a lawsuit that went one way from the start.

    Fury took the lead in the first round with good combinations and his usual speed. against a courageous opponent, but it was from the second on that the monarch began to show superiority.

    Chisora ​​started with a good impact with his right swing in the opening seconds, after which the ‘Gypsy King’ punished with the 1-2, good uppercuts and a left hook in a corner that sat Derek on the ropes .

    The world champion rocked Chisora ​​with a good forehand and was better again in the thirdwith good combinations that expanded the champion’s advantage on the judges’ card.

    In the fourth and fifth rounds, Tyson consented to the rival; he merely confirmed the difference in his favor, most of the time from long distance. With the sixth also in his favor, he reached the middle of the fight with a wide difference in his favor.

    The seventh began lackluster, with grips. In the final minute and a half, Fury did damage with the left hook and continued on his way to victory.

    Fury punished with more combinations and left Chisora ​​in poor conditionwho, tired, finished the ninth round with his right eye closed, as a result of the punishment.

    With 12 seconds to go from tenth, the judge stopped the lawsuit, which meant the thirteenth failure of Chisorawith 33 victories, 23 on the fast track.

    The most emotional part of the night was after the beatings, when Fury invited to the ring the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, champion of the World Association, the International Federation and the World Organization.

    “You’re not going to make it, little man, what are you going to do?” Fury asked Usyk, who defiantly held his gaze; the meeting kept alive the possibilities of the expected duel between the two best in the worldfor the unified heavyweight title, in 2023.