Full throttle in the Tesla paint shop: Recruiting video shows a slide in the Gigafactory Berlin

Jump on adventure!

In the Gigafactory Berlin, Tesla recently presented an unusual attraction that not only draws attention, but also provides faster access to work: a colorful slide in the paint shop. The company posted a video on its official LinkedIn account to showcase this interesting feature of the German factory while attracting potential employees to the company.

The idea for such an unconventional facility comes from plans by Tesla CEO Elon Musk back from 2014. At the time, he was talking about building a roller coaster at the Fremont, California factory. Although this idea has not yet been implemented due to lack of time, the German Gigafactory has now at least received a slide.

In the LinkedIn video, a Tesla employee can be seen donning his jacket and lacing his work boots before stepping into the enclosed, brightly painted and illuminated tube. After a short ride he reaches the lower end of the slide, gets out relaxed and goes to his workplace. The impressive slide stretches for about ten meters and has several turns. It is located in the paint area of ​​the German Tesla factory, which is supported by the artistically designed walls and the height of the building.

Mostly positive feedback

Some LinkedIn comments show that reactions to the unusual slide are mostly positive. A manager who was responsible for the realization of the slide described the area shown as the “coolest” in all of Tesla. Other commenters expressed a desire to have such a slide, and suppliers of plastic components and work shoes also expressed their enthusiasm.

The slide at the Gigafactory Berlin may be a “low-tech solution” powered by gravity, but it brings joy to employees and shows that Tesla is also innovative in the design of its work environment. Compared to other automakers, which are also trying to find creative ways to motivate and retain their employees, Tesla’s approach feels a bit more organic and is a functional part of the giant electric vehicle factory.

The use of the slide as part of a recruiting video underscores Tesla’s approach to finding new employees in an unconventional way while at the same time ensuring a positive working atmosphere. With this original video, the company demonstrates its creativity and sense of humor while also promoting job opportunities at the German gigafactory.

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