Füchse Berlin remain in the fight for a place in the Champions League. On Thursday evening, the Berliners won 28:23 (10:12) at Bergisches HC after an increase in performance in the second half.

    After the eighth win in a row in the Handball Bundesliga, the capital club regained second place in the table. The best Berlin throwers in Wuppertal were Hans Lindberg and Jacob Holm with eight goals each.

    For the foxes it was the third away game in just five days. The BHC only had to play one game in the same period.

    The Berliners seemed tired from the start and unfocused in attack. However, both teams struggled offensively, so that there were only four goals to be seen in the first ten minutes (2:2).

    Scene from the foxes Berlin duel at Bergisches HC (Photo: picture alliance / nordphoto GmB)

    In the middle of the first half, the guests made mistakes. So the BHC came to some easy goals through speed counterattacks. The Berliners had too little speed in their actions and too little penetrating power from the back. The hosts were able to take a two-goal lead for the first time just before half-time.

    The foxes quickly fought back after the break. The leadership changed constantly. In the middle of the second half, however, the foxes put on a 7:0 run and pulled away to 25:19.

    Now keeper Dejan Milosavljev and the defense were there again. And the Berliners didn’t let that be taken away from them until the end.

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