Front night then to Council of State, event will remain canceled

    On Thursday morning the chairman of the Yserwake said that they would not go to the RvS. Now the organization wants to contest the withdrawal of the license for Frontnacht.

    The Council of Aldermen of Ypres decided on Tuesday afternoon that the Frontnacht festival cannot take place. According to the city, the condition that there should be no connection with neo-Nazis and neo-fascism is not met. After the decision, the organization of Frontnacht would not go to the Council of State first, because the ruling would come too late to organize the festival. Now the organization decides to go against the withdrawal of the permit.

    “There is clearly something going on here other than the concern not to allow expressions of racism or neo-Nazis. The city council has succumbed to political pressure from the left and the extreme left. The rationale behind the withdrawal of the previously granted license is unjustly,” it sounds in the statement of the Yserwake.

    The organization will not contest the decision in summary proceedings, because it is impossible to organize Frontnacht practically on time. “The Frontnacht event is therefore cancelled. Vzw IJzerwake continues to find the withdrawal of the permit unjustified and will challenge that decision on the merits by means of an annulment appeal to the Council of State. The vzw IJzerwake also wants to recover the costs incurred from the Ypres city council,” it said. the. Furthermore, vzw IJzerwake calls on not to come to Steenstrate near Ypres on Saturday, as there will be no activities. The Yserwake will continue on Sunday.