From Zoetermeer to Prinsjesdag in The Hague: This is the program

Are you free on Tuesday, September 19 and would you like to go to Prinsjesdag 2023 in The Hague? Then you are probably curious about the program. Our colleagues from The Hague neighborhood have looked up the program for the third Tuesday of September for you.

Is Budget Day just a trip in the Glass Carriage and listening to the speech from the throne that King Willem-Alexander delivers next to his beloved Máxima? Not really! There is a lot to do in The Hague during Budget Day, but also the days surrounding it.


On Monday, September 18, you can enjoy music in the Hofkwartier, the Noordeinde and the Grote Martkt. From 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM it looks a bit like the Koninginnenach of the past: there are performances everywhere (both indoors and outdoors) that you can attend for free. For the complete program, see Prinsjesnach website.

Budget Day 2023

Tuesday, September 19 is the day: Budget Day 2023. Arrive early route of the Glass Carriage to wave to the King, Queen and all other high uncles and aunts? Is there a princess, or maybe two or three? What is certain is that the carriage tour goes from Noordeinde Palace via the Lange Voorhout to the Royal Theater, where the Speech from the Throne will be delivered.

Do you want to be there on time? At 12:45 p.m. the Glass Carriage will drive from the Royal Stables to Noordeinde Palace where King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will board. At 1:00 PM the carriage leaves for the Koninklijke Schouwburg. That bit of driving takes fifteen minutes, so at 1:15 p.m Speech from the throne can be heard.

At 1:50 PM the carriage leaves back to Noordeinde Palace where at 2:00 PM the royal family will wave to the public during the balcony scene.

This is how you travel from Zoetermeer to The Hague

From Zoetermeer you can reach The Hague city center within half an hour. With tram 3, 4 and 34 you travel to the Spui stop and walk to the Lange Voorhout within a few minutes. From the Lansingerland-Zoetermeer, Zoetermeer Oost and Zoetermeer train stations you can travel by sprinter to The Hague Central Station within 20 minutes.

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