From shopping baskets to cash registers and from jewelry to shelving: Big Bazar’s stock is going under the hammer

The curators of the bankrupt Big Bazar are organizing an auction to sell off the remaining stock, cash registers and shopping baskets, in order to raise money for the creditors.

The bargain chain was declared bankrupt on September 26 and there will not be a restart. Curators Hanneke De Coninck and Wybe Mollema (Trip Advocaten Leeuwarden) noted in their first report that the debt had risen to almost 29 million euros.

In many cases, owner Jerke Kooistra had not paid the rent for the shops for months, and suppliers had also often been waiting for their money for a long time.

Because Big Bazar did not own any properties that the trustees could sell, the trustees kept the nearly one hundred stores open as much as possible. This is to sell the stock at a discount and still raise some money for the creditors.

‘Treasure of goods’

De Coninck and Mollema already indicated in their bankruptcy report that another auction was coming. On There are numerous items for sale from locations in Leeuwarden, Oosterwolde, Assen and the province of Groningen, among others. The inventory of the head office in Diemen will also be auctioned.

This concerns, for example, the remaining stock, racks, cash register systems as well as cash register baskets, shopping carts, tables and office chairs and even coffee makers. mentions ‘a wealth of goods’ that will become available.

The auctions close on different days. The contents of other branches will also be auctioned in the coming weeks.