From cross-country skiing to biathlon? Rumors about Alexander Bolshunov “nonsense”

For some time there has been speculation about a switch from cross-country skier Alexander Bolshunov to biathlon. Russia’s cross-country boss is snappy when asked about the rumours.

Elena Vyalbe, President of the Russian Cross-Country Skiing Association, certainly doesn’t like to see three-time Olympic champion Alexander Bolshunov in another sport in the future.

But the rumors that the 25-year-old will switch to biathlon persist. At least he never categorically ruled out taking up arms in the future.

Vyalbe has now made it unmistakably clear that she does not like the topic at all. “Let’s not be silly. What nonsense is this?” she countered in an interview with “Sports Express“. At the same time, she clarified: “Bolshunov will make the decision.”

Many changes from cross-country skiing to biathlon

The cross-country skier would by no means be the first athlete to reorient himself after the past World Cup season. The Slovenian Anamarija Lampic recently announced her switch to biathlon.

Olympic champion Denise Herrmann, who is now one of the world’s best skiers, took the step back in 2016.

At the beginning of May, the Russian cross-country ski camp lost one athlete: Natalya Mekryukova also wants to attack in the biathlon in the future.

“No one will hold her by force”

“Nobody will hold them by force,” Vyalbe commented on the sport change. Your association has never competed with the biathletes, “that’s a completely absurd story from journalists”.

The international cross-country skiing and biathlon scene will remain unaffected by the discussions in Russia for the time being.

Russian and Belarusian winter sports athletes are currently excluded from international competitions because of the war of aggression against Ukraine.