Former Russian boxing champion, Renat Agzamov, has become a famous pastry chef, specializing in super elaborate and incredibly complex cakes. His cakes sell for tens and even thousands of dollars, and he boasts of having created more than 2,700 cakes.

    Despite the fact that he dedicated a good part of his youth to sports, Agzamov considers pastry to be one of his always great passions. And it is that his, who worked as a chef on a railway, instilled in his son the love of cooking from a very young age. At the age of 7, Agzamov began to bake muffins and cookies. Later, at the age of 16, he began to cook cakes for his loved ones. Today, he is one of the most sought after pastry artisans in the world.

    In addition, it has won several pastry competitions over the years, such as the World Pastry Championship. But his rise to fame came in 2018, when he created a wedding cake of almost 4 meters high that, according to reports, cost $179,000. The theme of the cake was a fairytale castle, with all its towers, balconies, statues and even internal lighting, and it weighed in total 1500kg and a half 4 meters: Some of Agzamov’s cakes require the labor of hundreds of people.

    Agzamov’s recognition relies heavily on social media, especially Instagram, thanks to which he can showcase his eye-catching creations. He currently has more than 2 million followers in said network.

    “All cakes are prepared according to the brick technology: the biscuit is cut into cubes, each of which is separately lowered into the cream, and then glued in a staggered manner. This method makes it possible to evenly soak the dessert cream “All the cakes are covered with chocolate velvet. A thin layer of powdered chocolate is easily cut with a knife,” Agzamov says.

    Several times, journalists have asked him why he spends so much time creating something so lavish that it will ultimately disappear as soon as someone eats it.

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    “If my products had an eternal shape, made of plaster or metal, I probably would have made a museum a long time ago, and I would have enjoyed the fact that people go there. But since I don’t have the opportunity to show my work to someone live, and everything is just in the photo archive, I have to generate something new all the time. This provides fertile ground for creative growth,” explains the boxer-turned-chef.

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