Friends: Todaro-Celentano clash and the return of Manola Moslehi

Rreturns and clashes: there was no shortage of emotions in the sixth episode of Friends 2023 aired on Sunday 29 October. Among the teachers we witnessed the return of Manola Moslehi, former student of Maria De Filippi’s school and today speaker of Radio Italia. And, again among teachers, she did not go unnoticed the quarrel between Raimondo Todaro and Alessandra Celentano who argued for the performance of the pupil Nicholas.

“Amici” by Maria De Filippi: the winners from 2001 to today

Friendsthe pas de deux assigned to Nicholas

The episode opened with a pas de deux assigned by Alessandra Celentano to Nicholas, a pupil of Raimondo Todaro. The boy performed the task but Celentano is not at all satisfied with the performance. Indeed, she defines it without mincing words a “disaster worse than a natural calamity”. His rating is 3, only because “he didn’t make the dancer fall”. But the overall opinion is negative. And his words started a clash with his colleague.

The clash between Todaro and Celentano

(The professors of “Amici 2023”: from left Raimondo Todaro, Rudy Zerbi, Lorella Cuccarini, Emanuel Lo, Alessandra Celentano and Arisa)

Raimondo Todaro, in fact, does not agree with Celentano, against whom he points the finger because he gave Nicholas a task to put him in difficulty. «You speak like someone who knows nothing about it. You can’t say things like that, you have to realize the reality” replies Celentano. Todaro, however, does not change his opinion towards Nicholas and thus decides to reconfirm his shirt.

The return of Manola Moslehi

Among the surprises of the episode, there is also the return of Manola Moslehi. Born in 1984, Manola participated in the talent show in 2007. And now, at the invitation of Maria De Filippi, she has returned to where it all began. «I returned “home” after 18 years and it was exciting» wrote the Radio Italia speaker on Instagram.

Manola returned to the talent show with a very specific task: «I will represent my Radio Italia in judging the kids’ unreleased songs» she explained. Adding: «Thank you Maria for welcoming me as if not even a day had passed, thank you for your mutual respect, always». And, returning to where she took her first steps, she couldn’t help but think of the “kids, to whom I simply wish to preserve intact that vivid light that I glimpsed in their eyes”.