Fried pasta is a super easy everyday meal

Fried pasta is super delicious. Test it!

In addition to the pasta, you only need a few other ingredients for the pan. Mari Moilanen

Pasta sometimes needs to be overcooked. But it doesn’t really matter, because with this one Mari Moilanen the recipe creates a new and delicious dish.

According to Moilanen, pasta can easily be processed into a nice everyday meal the next day.

– Fried pasta is good! When you come home from work hungry, you are surprisingly happy when yesterday’s junk pasta is sitting in the cupboard. All you need are ingredients from a couple of cans, that’s how easy everyday food is, Moilanen enthuses Something tasty in his blog.

A good combination with fried pasta is, for example, tuna, lemon and dill.

Fried pasta

(for 2 people)

1 prk (280 g/ 180 g) semi-dried tomatoes in oil

4–5 anchovies

1 onion sliced

2 cloves of garlic

4–5 dl pasta cooked the day before

finger salt

ground black pepper

½ dl grated parmesan

fresh basil

1. Pour the oil from the semi-dried tomatoes into the pan, add the anchovies, sliced ​​onion and grated garlic cloves. Freeze for a moment. Add the pasta and fry for a while more.

2. Add the semi-dried tomatoes to the pasta. Season with finger salt and black pepper. Grate Parmesan on top and sprinkle basil leaves on top.

With this tool, you can easily clean the bottom of the frying pan. Elle Nurmi