Friday copies a 30th anniversary copy

On its 30th anniversary, the Swiss bag label Freitag would like to say “a heartfelt thank you to all the imitators who have contributed to making the brand an original over the years”. The brand’s milestone is celebrated with the copy of a copy.

To understand the concept behind the bag label’s anniversary celebration and the so-called “Thursday Weeks”, you have to travel back to 1996. At that time, company founder Markus Freitag came across an imitation of a Freitag bag in a Swiss supermarket. The imitation was called Thursday and, unlike the original, was “mass-produced from flimsy new plastic,” Friday said on Tuesday. The bag eventually disappeared from the shelves of the supermarket, which promised never to name a bag after a day of the week again, but now the Thursday bag gets a second chance, albeit under the brand name Freitag.

Image: Philip Frowein / Friday

Friday’s F13-D Copy Cat model is a copy of the 1990s Thursday bag, but is a recycled, sustainable original from the brand. This will be sold during the “Thursday weeks” in the Zurich flagship store from Friday, which will be given a makeover for the occasion and will take on the look of a supermarket.

Image: Philip Frowein / Friday

The store design was created in collaboration with designer Leandro Destefani and featured objects from various second-hand platforms such as a vegetable display case, a supermarket checkout with a conveyor belt and a refrigerated shelf.

The “Thursday Weeks” in the flagship store in Zurich are from September 19th to 30th.