Fremantle Highway arrives in Port of Rotterdam | Abroad

The Fremantle Highway is expected to arrive in the port of Rotterdam around 8am. The ship is then taken to Damen Shiprepair in the Botlek where it is partially dismantled to carry out repair work. It is expected to arrive there around 10am.

Clean-up work and inspections are also carried out at Damen. The company expects the work to take about four to five months. It is still unclear what happens to the ship afterwards.

During the night of Tuesday 25 to Wednesday 26 July, a fire broke out on the ship when it was on the high seas north of Ameland. One person was killed and several people were injured. At the time of the fire, the Fremantle was carrying more than 3,700 cars, including almost 500 electric ones. On August 3, the ship was towed to Eemshaven. The cause of the fire is not yet known.