“Freedom is the power to say no”

Nanna Karalahti filed for divorce with Jere Karalahti last November.

Nanna Karalahti says she enjoys her freedom. ATTE KAJOVA

Wellness coach Nanna Karalahti and ex-hockey player Jere Karalahti filed for divorce from each other last November. The couple has three children together.

In her recent Instagram post, Nanna Karalahti shares her thoughts on separation and freedom. He starts his writing by stating that the differences are devastating, especially in those situations when the couple has children together.

She swears that she only speaks good things about Jere, that is, the father of her children.

– When your strength runs out, you have to be able to make painful decisions. I will never, under any circumstances, speak anything but good things about my children’s father, and I hope for nothing but the best.

Nanna has also thought about what freedom means to her. He wants to be free in his soul.

– Freedom has been found in my heart and freedom brings me happiness. I can commit strongly, but only through freedom. Freedom does not deprive me of anything, but gives space, gives oxygen to the soul. It also gives me the freedom to be weak and vulnerable. Above all, it gives me the freedom to be me.

Freedom has always been one of Nanna’s most important values. However, he says that he lived against his own values, which is why he has “locked and shackled himself”. He has experienced in the past that he should be something that he is not.

– Freedom has freed me completely to be just me. It’s not enough anymore, it’s not enough anymore. I am not responsible for other people and their actions. I am not responsible for the happiness or misery of others. I focus on my own incompleteness and I like it.

– Now I have freedom and responsibility only for myself and my own children. Responsibility, freedom, love and happiness. Freedom is the power to say no, Nanna decides.

The ex-couple has three children together. ATTE KAJOVA

Karalahti managed to be together for ten years. Karalahti’s divorce was reported several times in November, because according to Seiska, the divorce application had been cancelled. According to Seiska, the district court had not received the necessary information from Karalahti, which is why the application was withdrawn. However, they made a new application.