Fraudsters began to pay their victims

Fraudsters began to transfer money to the Russians. Thus, it is possible to increase the confidence of the victims and, as a result, to lure out much more significant amounts.

Fraudsters began to transfer money to victims. The new scheme became widespread in early 2022, as Stanislav Pavlunin, director of security at Post Bank, told.

Attackers offer potential victims to invest in investment projects. On a fake site, they get a personal account, where the account is displayed. Then the scammers transfer real money to the person’s account – from 10 to 15 thousand rubles. Having received them, the victim is convinced of the reliability of the scheme for obtaining quick money and, as a rule, transfers a larger amount to scammers, they write “News”.

As Pavlunin emphasizes, when receiving real money, people increase their confidence and decrease their caution, as a result of which they are ready to risk a larger amount. In addition, there is a danger of a rapid spread of fraud of this type, since often, having received money, people begin to advise this way of making quick money to their friends.

In November Kaspersky Lab employees have already warned users about intruders offering to invest in profitable investments. The fraudulent scheme was based on fake websites through which inexperienced investors were offered access to an investment platform to buy securities of the world’s leading corporations.