Franziska Giffey wants an app for EVERYTHING in Berlin

Economics Senator Franziska Giffey (45, SPD) in the control center for the Smart City in Jakarta Photo: Hildburg Bruns

From Hildburg Bruns

In Jakarta it is called “Jaki”. Franziska Giffey (45, SPD) is hoping for “Berli” for Berlin. One app for everything – it works in Berlin’s Indonesian twin city. Among other things, it regulates vaccination appointments, shows water levels, handles citizen complaints about garbage and power outages, and shows the traffic situation.

“That’s inspiring,” said Giffey during his visit to the control center. “You don’t have to reinvent everything.” Their hope: to develop a one-app system for Berlin that leads users to a wide variety of services.

A must in office buildings in Muslim Jakarta: a prayer room in the Future Hub Photo: Hildburg Bruns

There are currently 200 digital services in the capital – but at different stages. From the request of a simple form to the finished implementation, such as the electronic registration of residence at the Citizens’ Office. Giffey continued: “It is also important to give quicker answers.”

In Berlin it can take an average of ten days, in Jakarta eight hours.

The Future Hub resides here on the 23rd floor – financed by the EU, Berlin and Jakarta Photo: Hildburg Bruns

Giffey’s last day of travel began with the opening of the Future City Hub: 14 photographers surrounded the Berlin delegation. The rooms on the 23rd floor of a skyscraper also include a carpeted retreat for prayers.

The project was financed by the EU (400,000 euros) as a meeting point for founders, start-up companies from Germany and local authorities – Berlin Senate employees helped with the concept and construction.


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