Frankfurt Stock Exchange in green: DAX at midday with surcharges

The DAX takes a breather at midday.

The DAX was 0.06 percent firmer at 15,736.57 points in XETRA trading at 12:09 p.m. Overall, the index has a market value of 1.580 trillion. Euro. The index previously opened at 15,688.07 points, 0.248 percent below its closing price from the previous day (15,727.12 points).

The stock market barometer reached its daily low of 15,665.29 units, while the index recorded its highest level at 15,738.64 points.

DAX performance since the beginning of the year

A month ago, XETRA trading was suspended due to the weekend. The DAX reached 15,574.26 points on the previous trading day, August 18, 2023. The DAX was valued at 16,201.20 points three months ago, on June 19, 2023. A year ago, on September 19, 2022, the DAX reached a level of 12,803.24 points.

The index has already climbed 11.85 percent since the beginning of 2023. This year, the DAX has already reached an annual high of 16,528.97 points. However, the low for the year is at 13,976.44 points.

Tops and flops currently

The top stocks in the DAX are currently Vonovia SE (ex Deutsche Annington) (+ 3.48 percent to EUR 23.80), Volkswagen (VW) vz (+ 2.92 percent to EUR 110.58), Heidelberg Materials (+ 2.16 percent to EUR 72.84), Deutsche Börse (+ 1.37 percent to EUR 166.40) and EON SE (+ 1.08 percent to EUR 11.71). The flop stocks in the DAX are DHL Group (ex Deutsche Post) (-3.09 percent to EUR 40.45), Sartorius vz (-2.43 percent to EUR 329.20), MTU Aero Engines (-2, 35 percent to EUR 163.90), Porsche (-1.72 percent to EUR 94.58) and adidas (-1.72 percent to EUR 166.68).

DAX stocks with the top market capitalization

The EON SE share currently has the highest trading volume in the DAX. 1,637,302 shares were last traded on the home stock exchange. The SAP SE share currently has the largest market capitalization in the DAX at EUR 148.809 billion.

Focus on fundamental key figures of the DAX stocks

According to FactSet estimates, the Porsche Automobil vz share has the lowest price-earnings ratio (P/E) in the DAX this year at 2.76. At 8.00 percent, the 2023 dividend yield of Vonovia SE (ex Deutsche Annington) shares is expected to be the strongest among the stocks in the index, according to FactSet estimates.

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