Frank Lammers attacked for hypocrisy: ‘The lowest thing there is’

As an actor in series such as Rozengeur & Wodka Lime, Chris Tates once seemed like a rising talent, but now he has been forgotten. “Frank Lammers is successful? Just wait…”


Chris Tates (62) is a bit disappointed with what has become of his career as an actor. In the meantime, there are other actors, also over fifty years old, who are still very successful. “There is a segment of actors who are also very good, who you always see coming back,” he grumbles in conversation with the Weekend.

Dip for Frank?

Frank Lammers is perhaps one of the most successful actors over fifty years old. Is Chris jealous of his success? “Frank Lammers advertises everything. But when he was at drama school, he thought advertising was the lowest thing there was. But the chimney has to smoke, right?”

Things won’t end well for him either, Chris predicts. “Frank Lammers also has an expiration date, he will have a dip in his career at some point. That’s how it happened in my career. One year it is quiet, the next very busy. I don’t mind that at all.”


Chris tries to make the best of it as a B-actor. “If I have less work, I also enjoy myself. I play golf avidly these days, so the more free time the better.”

Golf isn’t cheap. Can he afford that if no one hires him? “No, it’s not cheap, but if you become a member you can play often. Then you lose a lot of money once, but you can play as often as you want.”

Wrong businessman

Why does Chris think he’s fallen on hard times career-wise? He is always asked for the same type of role, he explains. “Then you are always in the same card index. It’s very difficult to get out of there. I’m in the card index of the charming, bad businessman, I think.”

Does he compare himself to George Clooney in that regard? “Haha, yeah, maybe. Don’t know. I never compare with others.”