Frank Farian: Funeral service in Berlin, with Boney M. and Thomas Anders

Family members and companions said goodbye to producer and pop singer Frank Farian.

Music producer Frank Farian has been buried. Around 120 guests came to the funeral service in Berlin.

Well-known guests

The event had the musical motto “One Last Encore”. In addition to Frank Farian’s four children and other family members, the celebration also included numerous companions from the music industry. Members of the bands Boney M. (Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett), No Mercy and Modern Talking (Thomas Anders) paid him their last respects. Singer Fabrice Morvan from the pop duo Milli Vanilli was missing. However, he did not stick to the negative words he recently expressed about his former producer in a television documentary. Instead, he shared conciliatory words with the deceased: “May Frank’s spirit rest in peace.” However, one of the real voices behind Milli Vanilli, Brad Howell, was present.

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Emotional words

The celebration took place in the former warehouse building Magazin in the army bakery. Some of Frank Farian’s hits were played, and there was also a gospel choir and a stage program. Fritz Egner took over the moderation. Although the celebration was intended to be more about partying than mourning, there was a eulogy from Farian’s eldest daughter, Nicole Reuther. Among other things, she spoke about her last encounter with her father. “We talked a lot and laughed, he was full of energy. He was not only my father, but also my personal friend, whom I loved more than anything. When he left, his heart was full,” she said. Overall, she let it be known: “He was not a saint, and he never wanted to be one. It was even important for him to be a man with rough edges. He was different than how he was perceived in public.”

She also shared Frank Farian’s apparently last wish. A few days before his death, the producer is said to have said how he wanted to die: fall asleep peacefully next to a mixing console and be found the next morning. “There was no mixer nearby, but his last wish was fulfilled,” said his daughter.

Frank Farian: Musical success

Frank Farian’s music has sold more than 800 million units. Among other things, the Boney M. hit “Daddy Cool” can be traced back to him. He was also responsible for the scandal surrounding Milli Vanilli, who only moved their lips to the voices of professional singers – the film “Girl You Know It’s True” was recently released in cinemas. After a long illness, he died on January 23rd in his adopted home of Miami, Florida at the age of 82. After the big funeral service, he will now be buried in a small circle. This will happen in Spiesen-Elversberg in Saarland alongside his mother, who has also died.