Francesca Neri, new love after Claudio Amendola

Dafter the end of her marriage to Claudio Amendolahe might be back the serenity in Francesca Neri’s love life. After the end of her marriage to Claudio Amendolathe actress was photographed by Who with Silvano Loia, manager of Rai Way. According to the newspaper, he would be the man who occupies – or will occupy – a special place in her heart.

Francesca Neri, her darkest years: the fear and pain of chronic illness

Francesca Neri in love again?

There is no official confirmation yet. After all, Francesca has always been very private about her private life. Yet the details revealed could say a lot about the actress’s new love (turned 60 on February 10th).

Precisely to celebrate the important milestone, the “couple” spent «a romantic weekend in Florence in the company of Silvano Loia», says the weekly. Just a coincidence or has a new couple been born?

A romantic weekend in Florence

The paparazzi immortalized Francesca and her alleged boyfriend in attitudes that seem to confirm an ongoing relationship. They were first photographed while smoking an electronic cigarette outside the same hotel, then through the streets of the city intent on shopping. And behind the window of the same hotel room until a kiss exchanged on the platform.

Love and separation with Claudio Amendola

After 25 years of love and a son, in October 2022 Claudio Amendola and Francesca announced the end of their marriage. Guest of Silvia Toffanin in the living room of very true, the actor stressed, however, that he is still very close to his ex. «I never thought I would end my relationship with Francesca. However, it will forever be the most important page of my life” he said.

Claudio Amendola and Francesca Neri on the red carpet of the Rome Film Festival. (Getty Images)

She, however, did not go into the details of the separation. But, in an intervention on the program The lunatics of Rai Radio 2, spoke of a new life. «I’m very good“, also underlining that: “I’m finally living my life, I’m finally living it in truth and freedom».

Francesca Neri and illness

Despite the separation, Claudio Amendola was a fundamental figure in Francesca Neri’s most difficult years. For years, in fact, the actress suffers from chronic interstitial cystitis, disease that causes her severe pain and which she spoke about directly to the microphones of The lunatics.

«This disease today is an integral part of me and of my being a woman“, he said. “But I no longer experience the disease as a limitation. I know it, I live with it, and today it is a strong point».