Four former students denounce a nurse at the Jesuïtes de Casp school for sexual abuse

The Court of Instruction number 7 of Barcelona an investigation is underway to clarify sexual abuse to minors allegedly committed by a religious nurse, Amado A., around 70 years old, at the Jesuit school on Casp Street, in Barcelona, during the years 2000 and 2001. Two former students had reported the touching suffered by the accused a few years ago and two more victims have presented themselves to the Barcelona Provincial Prosecutor’s Office to file a complaint regarding the same person being investigated. Given this situation and within the judicial investigation, the prosecution has requested various proceedings.

The alleged sexual abuse was committed by the nurse when the victims were between six and eight years old. and taking advantage of the fact that the then students of the school had injured themselves or for a simple medical check-up, according to the sources consulted by this newspaper. Now, the four affected women are of legal age and have decided to report.

It is not the first time that the Jesuits of Casp Street have been involved in alleged sexual abuse of some of the people who worked there. Previously, complaints were filed against the religious Francesc Peris and Francesc Roma, although the proceedings did not proceed due to the statute of limitations for the crimes they allegedly committed. The Jesuits, after this information, came to condemn the events, ask for forgiveness and regret that these attacks occurred in spaces where the minors should have felt safe.

The other cases

In total, there are seven complaints formalized for abuse allegedly perpetrated by teachers at this center: three against Peris, two against Francesc Roma and another two against two lay teachers who worked at Kostka, a school that was attached to Casp for families without resources. Now the school nurse is added.

According to the Cristianisme y Justícia website, Francesc Roma Padrosa has been a Jesuit since 1952 and a priest since 1966. He is over 80 years old. A complaint of abuse was filed against Roma in 2016 and more were filed later. Francesc Roma is the brother of Lluís Roma, better known as Lucho Roma. Lucho, also a priest and now deceased, was sent by the Jesuits to Bolivia, where, according to the EFE agency in 2019, he abused an unknown number of Bolivian minors and, in addition, photographed some of these crimes and saved them on a CD.

The other priest on whom the bulk of the complaints are falling is Francesc Peris. About this religious the students say the opposite of what they say about Rome: he was someone who was rather shady. Although the seriousness of the crimes reported against him has surprised. As he has done, a number of affected people has also grown and is forcing us to admit that this other Jesuit reference, perhaps not as immaculate as Rome, was actually a predator of minors.

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Some former students claim to have suffered abuse during the tutorials that Peris carried out at school, others claim to have been sexually assaulted by him at the Viladrau (Osona) camp house. Crimes perpetrated with impunity emerge in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. Both in Spain and in Bolivia, where he was sent in 1983 by the Jesuit organization.

A total of 234 former students of the Jesuïtes de Casp school in Barcelona have signed a letter addressed to the center in which they ask those responsible for “more transparency” about the information they had about the sexual abuse committed by the priest Francesc Peris – who was in the Jesuit school between the 1970s and 2005 – and also about how they handled each of the accusations they received about their conduct.