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UPDATENorwegian police arrested four Belgian soldiers last night after a fight in Åndalsnes, a city in southwestern Norway. This was reported by the Norwegian newspaper ‘Dagbladet’. The soldiers were in the country to train in winter conditions. The brawl, which involved 20 to 30 people, took place near a local bar. The soldiers are suspected of assault and battery.

LOOK. Footage shows four Belgian soldiers involved in a major brawl at a bar in the Norwegian city of Åndalsnes

It is not yet clear what exactly happened, but according to the Norwegian press, the incident took place last night around 2 a.m. in the center of the city of Åndalsnes. The Belgian soldiers are said to have been involved in a “mass brawl” outside the Nabo’n bar. The café owner testifies about the incident to ‘Dagbladet’.

“When we wanted to close and turn down the music, we suddenly saw something happening outside,” said bar owner Jovie Neland, who saw about 20 to 30 people standing outside. “We used the pub as a ‘shelter’ for the beaten and injured people. They could dry their blood here and clear their faces of ice,” says Neland.

According to the police, one resident of Åndalsnes was taken to hospital in Molde. The person in question has been questioned. According to the police, there may be several victims, it sounds in a message on X. Norwegian district commander Richard Moen describes the incident as an “unfortunate situation”.

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The arrest of the four soldiers has been confirmed by a spokesperson for the Belgian Defense to VTM NIEUWS. The Norwegian Defense Headquarters (FOH) also confirms to local media that it concerns four Belgian soldiers who are on winter training in Norway. They are suspected of assault and battery.

Possibly suspended or fired

The case is being handled by the Norwegian police and there would be cooperation with the Belgian military police and the Norwegian armed forces, the FOH said. The four soldiers will be interrogated this afternoon in the presence of the Belgian police, Norwegian authorities said. The police have also interviewed several witnesses and victims and are asking that videos of the incident not be published on social media.

According to former Colonel Roger Housen, the fight could have major consequences for the soldiers, he told VTM NEWS. If the four soldiers are criminally prosecuted in Norway, the defense department will do nothing. But if that does not happen, defense will take disciplinary action. In that case, the soldiers can be suspended or even fired.

(The Belgian soldiers on training in Norway)

The images of the fight show about 20 people fighting with each other. One person is knocked down and is kicked by some men while he is on the ground. The person is kicked in the head, among other things.

The Belgian soldiers active in Norway belong to the Special Operations Regiment. This specifically concerns the 2nd Commando Battalion, VTM NIEUWS confirmed. The soldiers involved are said to be between 20 and 40 years old.

Åndalsnes, a city in southwestern Norway.
Åndalsnes, a city in southwestern Norway. © Â Eleanor Scriven