Status: 03/20/2023 00:00

    After a clear success at Hansa Rostock, Fortuna Düsseldorf has returned to the second Bundesliga in the fight for promotion. Meanwhile, the hosts are increasingly threatened with going into the 3rd division.

    On Sunday (March 19, 2023) Düsseldorf beat the Hanseatic League 5-2 (3-0). Fortuna moves up to fourth place with the win, Rostock slips to relegation place 16 for the first time. The hosts, who only scored four points in 2023, are increasingly threatened with going into the 3rd division.

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    Thioune satisfied, Hunchback under pressure

    F95 coach Daniel Thioune was satisfied – at least with the first 60 minutes: “The fact that the opponent comes back and that we can’t keep up our energy is a bit stupid. But overall there’s little to complain about with a 5-2 away win.”

    His counterpart Patrick Glöckner, on whom the pressure after the swatter also increases personally, explained: “We have to stay true to our line with the player material we have. And hope that one day we can pull a game our side.” Regarding a possible dismissal he said: “I don’t expect anything and have to process the game first.”

    Polish co-production brings leadership

    The first few minutes gave an idea of ​​how the game would go. After less than 200 seconds, the guests already had two great chances. First Michal Karbownik narrowly missed the opposing goal (3rd), then Markus Kolke had to defuse a shot by Dawid Kownacki (4th).

    The co-production of the two Poles took the lead a little later. Karbownik got through on the left flank and sent a flat cross to Kownacki, who scored his eleventh goal of the season (12′).

    And that’s how it went: Shortly thereafter, the Rostock defense again had no means against Karbownik, whose pass Felix Klaus used for a low cross to Rouwen Hennings, who only had to push the ball over the line from a short distance – the 2:0 for Dusseldorf (20th).

    Rostock remains true to form – Fortuna uses it ice cold

    At that moment the game was almost decided. Because Rostock went into the game with only 19 goals and by far the weakest attack in the league, had last won a home game against Magdeburg (3-1) in September and had never scored more than one goal in a game this calendar year. All these impressions were confirmed by the hosts.

    Because the defense also lacked any stability, the Rostockers were threatened with a debacle. Matthias Zimmermann made it 3-0 with a volley after a throw-in (41st). The right-back then had a clear path shortly after the half-time break and tied the brace with a dry low shot (48th).

    Dusseldorf too early in management mode

    Despite everything, the Rostock Hanseatic League didn’t want to give up. And suddenly showed offensive power.

    Kai Pröger initially finished symbolically for the performance so far when he stumbled the ball in front of the empty goal (56th), but only seconds later he appeared again free in front of the Düsseldorf goal and scored the 1:4. At the time, Fortuna had switched to management mode.

    Hansa draws hope for three minutes

    Düsseldorf did nothing more for the game – and Rostock found ways to punish this passivity. Kevin Schumacher scored the second Hansa goal in the 79th minute and ensured that the home fans were in good spirits again. “Here we go“, the spectators chanted after the 2: 4.

    But Fortuna quickly silenced the Ostsee-Stadion. After a cross from Shinta Appelkamp, ​​Christoph Klarer headed the ball to the far post, where Damian Roßbach’s save landed in his own goal (82′). The goal was nevertheless credited to the Düsseldorf defender.

    Rostock after the break in Magdeburg

    After the international break, Rostock has to compete away in Magdeburg (Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 at 1.30 p.m.). The decisive game for Düsseldorf against third-placed Hamburger SV takes place two days earlier (6:30 p.m.). If they win, Fortuna would only be four points behind the relegation place.