Fortnite, update 28.30 available: here’s what changes

Epic Games has launched patch v28.30 for the entire Fortnite family of games: here’s what changes on Battaglia Reale, LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing.

The latest Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 update has just been released, bringing with it a new season of Fortnite Festival, a major celebrity crossover, and new content for LEGO Fortnite.

Fortnite 28.30: what’s new —

The trade-off is that the main battle royale will receive relatively little this time around, but that’s to be expected as we near the end of the season, especially considering how big the previous update was.

Here are the main changes coming to Fortnite in v28.30.

Lady Gaga skin and season pass

Two versions of Lady Gaga costumes are coming to Fortnite. One will be purchasable via the item shop and the other can only be unlocked by completing the season pass for the premium event, which is locked behind Fortnite Festival progression.

LEGO Fortnite goes fishing

Fish are coming to LEGO Fortnite and with them lots of fishing items. In addition to all the aquatic animals, there is now a kitchen machine that allows you to transform these friends into Fish Fillets. Additionally, some navigation tools have been added. The first is the spotting scope, which allows you to zoom in on distant places, and the second is the compass, which once created will be added to the HUD to keep track of the direction you are traveling. But wait, there’s more. Two new spells have been added to equip in the side slots.

  • Reflective Charm – Returns some damage to the attacker
  • Charm of the Wave – Increases swimming speed (stackable)

New inhabitants for LEGO Fortnite and skins

In addition to all the new items, there are also two new villagers who can appear randomly and add to your population: Fisherman Turk, Reyetta and Bob. Additionally, a handful of skins now have a LEGO version. If you own one of these skins, the LEGO variants will be automatically unlocked:

  • Airie
  • Flakes Power
  • Iron Man Zero
  • Lazarbeam
  • Loserfruit
  • Max at Maximo
  • Ninjas

Rocket Racing: Speed ​​race

A new mode called “Speed ​​Race” has arrived in Rocket Racing, which is essentially a timed mode. Here, instead of competing directly with other drivers, you experience a purer racing experience, where you try to achieve the best possible lap time. The tracks will also have seasonal leaderboards, so you will always have the chance to compete for top places.

Major improvements and bug fixes

All three modes have received a large number of fixes in this update, as well as some general improvements. For example, in LEGO Fortnite it is now possible to sit on a chair. What exciting times we live in. As for LEGO Fortnite, it’s now possible to have up to 20 inhabitants, that’s 4 villages with 5 inhabitants, which should make things a lot livelier.