Max Verstappen bagged his second world championship title in Formula 1 early on. Apparently the Dutchman had a particularly good time afterwards. His team manager Christian Horner joked that one or the other kilo too much made itself felt.

    Formula 1 drivers have to watch their weight meticulously during the season, after all, nothing is left to chance in the premier class when it comes to car settings.

    “They’re a bit like jockeys who always have to stay under a certain weight,” quotes “Mirror” team boss Christian Horner, who spoke at a question-and-answer session during a charity event at the Red Bull headquarters in Milton Keynes gave information.

    Top pilot Verstappen has apparently not always seen it so strictly in recent months. “We’ve seen the weight go up a bit through the steakhouses in Austin and the taquerias in Brazil,” joked Horner.

    Verstappen’s slight weight gain did not have a negative impact on the results of the last races. Since the Japanese Grand Prix, when the 25-year-old defended his title, he has won three of the last four races. In Brazil alone he missed the podium and finished sixth in George Russell’s victory.

    Eating together for the team bosses? Horner becomes clear

    Horner also announced, “I’m pretty sure he’ll be back to his normal weight when he gets in the car in February next year.”

    A meal of all 20 drivers finally heralded the end of the season. At the invitation of Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton, the F1 drivers met in Abu Dhabi and also said goodbye to Sebastian Vettel in his early retirement. In the meantime, such an action cannot be expected from the team bosses, as Christian Horner hinted.

    “Unfortunately, the love among the team bosses is not as great as that among the drivers,” said the Red Bull boss, looking at the many differences with his colleagues. At a previous meeting, a big argument broke out between the bosses.