After his last race in Formula 1, Sebastian Vettel will first devote his free time to his family. However, the four-time world champion did not want to rule out a return to the F1 circus. At Red Bull, the doors are always open to him, his long-time sponsor Dr. Helmut Marko.

    Will Sebastian Vettel work as a driver coach at Red Bull in the future? Or even as a team leader? In an interview that almost got lost during the race in Abu Dhabi, both Vettel and Red Bull motorsport consultant Marko emphasized the great interest in possible future cooperation.

    “He would certainly have the potential, the personality,” Helmut Marko admitted in a joint interview with “sky“. “I don’t know if he’s aiming for that. If so, he would get involved massively, but at the moment his thoughts are more on the environment and sustainability. There is a certain discrepancy with our sport, which he expressed very clearly.” Vettel, Marko was sure, would “lean back” for the time being.

    The four-time world champion, who had completed his 299th race (53 victories) in the premier class in Abu Dhabi, responded directly to the charm offensive of the Red Bull maker. It is now “tempting” to “close the door” and dedicate yourself to completely new interests. “But I can’t ignore the fact that I have a lot of heart and soul for motorsport. Who knows if I can use my ambition, my doggedness, differently in the future?”

    Red Bull boss Marko: “We are open”

    At some point, the 35-year-old made it clear, “I need to do something”. It is therefore possible that he will devote himself to Formula 1 again after his break from motorsport.

    “We heard the message. We have two teams, we are open,” said Helmut Marko before jokingly addressing Vettel: “But Sebastian: There is a serious difference. As a top manager, you have to be there earlier and later go and then only get a fraction of the money that you are used to as a driver.”

    Vettel would accept that change and countered with a smile: “That’s ok. The fact that I’m awake earlier now has already happened because of the children. I can also remember that at Formula 3 times at 7 “Then the phone rang and it said Dr. Helmut Marko. I just thought: ‘I won’t answer it now, I’d rather sleep in’. I usually called back an hour later. At some point you won’t be around anymore either Called at 7 a.m., but more like 8, half past 9.”

    A commitment behind the scenes of a racing team is, as Vettel then explained a little more seriously, “of course a completely different task. As a driver you have to say at some point: ‘Now it’s over, now I need my rest.’ These are the hours when the rattling continues in the background and there is always more to do to prepare for the next step.”

    Helmut Marko already had Sebastian Vettel under his wing when he was still driving in junior series, together they dominated Formula 1 at Red Bull from 2010 to 2013.