Formula 1: Schumacher attacks Red Bull boss Horner

The situation surrounding the Red Bull team boss is not calming down. Now Ralf Schumacher speaks out clearly about the Brit – he had previously tried to defend himself.

Formula 1 expert Ralf Schumacher has sharply criticized Red Bull team boss Christian Horner for his statements about the situation surrounding allegations of misconduct against him. “He’s playing the role of victim here right now,” said the former Formula 1 driver on Sky on Thursday. “The fact that he got involved and that his family got involved is not because of his wife, but because of himself.”

Horner had previously commented on the situation in a press conference following popular demand and also criticized the public reporting. “This interference in my family’s privacy – that’s enough for now.” He also thanked his wife and their children for their support.

Schumacher reacted ironically on Sky: “So we’re to blame – so maybe we have to step down now and he can stay where he is? So honestly, what he’s saying is bizarre.” He only sees one way out: “If I now hear that they have done so much to the sport and his family – he could solve it and resign. That’s the easiest thing. Maybe he will owe that to his partners at some point.” And further: “I think he’s making a fool of himself here. I haven’t heard an apology of any kind yet.”

“Of course you can see that he’s not popular”

There are still allegations of misconduct against an employee against the 50-year-old. After weeks of investigations by an independent law firm, Red Bull acquitted the Briton last Thursday. However, the allegations are still in the air; after the announcement by the racing team, an email with “evidence” was sent from an anonymous account to the Formula 1 management, all team bosses and numerous journalists.

“Of course you can see that he is not popular,” continued Schumacher. “When you see where the storm came from, a mailing list with over 200 important email addresses, that was incredible. He didn’t make many friends.” The affair doesn’t just affect the racing team: “Yes, it started in the company, but Formula 1, the Red Bull company and their partners stand for values. And when something like that happens, you can expect it to be completely cleared up becomes.”