Formula 1 | Red Bull trouble: Two parties are pushing for Horner to leave

It is still unclear whether Red Bull can start the new Formula 1 season with Christian Horner. The investigation into the allegations against the team boss is ongoing. Although there is no result yet, two parties have now taken a stand against Horner. Also there: Ex-F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, who has clear advice for his British compatriot.

On February 15th, Red Bull Racing will present the new racing car for the upcoming Formula 1 season. But even two days beforehand there is still no decision about who will actually be team boss of the racing team with F1 world champion Max Verstappen and his wingman Sergio Pérez in 2024. Christian Horner is being investigated after a close colleague recently accused him of cross-border behavior.

Last Friday there was an interview by an external lawyer who, according to various media reports, spoke to the Briton for more than eight hours. According to information from the portal “”, the lawyer in question has now gone on vacation. It remains to be seen how Red Bull will deal with the results of the investigation.

While the presumption of innocence continues to apply to Horner, two games are being played against the 50-year-old, who is said to have coerced the employees in a “way [die] “is not compatible with modern moral concepts,” as “” further reports.

On the one hand, former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is said to have intervened and advised Horner to resign from his post. Ecclestone is considered a close confidante of Horner; the Red Bull man was best man at Ecclestone’s last wedding. The reason for the 93-year-old’s advice: Horner should avoid (further) harm to himself and his family.

Formula 1: Horner continues to fight

On the other hand, the F1 marketer Liberty Media is apparently also acting in the background against Horner and, according to the report, is putting pressure on Red Bull.

F1 boss Stefano Domenicali is said to have called Red Bull at the urging of Liberty Media to make it clear that they were not joking about the alleged border crossings. If there is even a tiny bit of truth to the allegations, Horner would have to take his hat off.

However, he continues to deny everything and also defends himself against resignation. According to “” he also hopes that the Thai partner of Red Bull – the Yoovidhya family – is apparently supporting him further back.

It remains unclear when there will finally be clarity in the Horner case.