Formula 1 | is something going on? New flirting rumors about Lewis Hamilton and Shakira

Will the Formula 1 circus soon have a new dream couple? It seems possible, because in recent weeks record world champion Lewis Hamilton has been seen more and more often alongside pop star Shakira. Also in Barcelona, ​​the Colombian appeared unexpectedly in the paddock. The rumors about a love affair between the two superstars are picking up speed.

First a boat tour together, now a stay together in Barcelona and a subsequent dinner: After more and more pictures have appeared in recent weeks that showed Formula 1 record world champion Lewis Hamilton alongside pop star Shakira, the rumor mill is bubbling about a possible relationship both mega-stars getting hotter.

The rumors were fueled last weekend when Shakira suddenly and unexpectedly appeared in the paddock at the Spanish Grand Prix. Actually, the 46-year-old had already broken up her tents in Barcelona after her headline-grabbing separation from soccer star Gerard Pique – but now she has returned to her old homeland. Many social media scouts think they know the reason: Lewis Hamilton.

The Mercedes driver then caused wind on the mills of the network community when he posted a picture of himself and Shakira and a few other friends having a meal together. The picture from Hamilton’s Instagram channel was immediately shared on Twitter, where it received tens of thousands of likes within a very short time.

Hamilton and Shakira have been out together in Miami

Shakira and Hamilton were spotted together on the fringes of the Miami race. There they went on a boat tour together, which really got the rumor avalanche going.

“TMZ” subsequently reported that the two also went out to eat together in Miami and that the pop singer then visited the Mercedes driver at his home in Florida. The “Gentsu” portal wrote that Hamilton even picked up the Colombian personally before her visit – just a friendship or was there more to it than that?