Jean Alesi had branded the revelations of the Gazzetta about Binotto’s farewell to Maranello as “balls”: anticipations destined to come true shortly

    Stephen Barigelli

    November 28th

    It wasn’t a ball then. The end of Binotto’s season at Ferrari anticipated by the Gazzetta was branded just like that, a ball, by Jean Alesi. The sentence, in itself insignificant considering that it was pronounced by one of the least successful drivers in Formula 1, actually takes on its importance. Ferrari is the best known Italian sports brand in the world, it has a glorious history even if the present is complicated. But in engines and in such a long history, there can be difficulties. There is less of a court of miracles than in recent years, but in truth even in the past, he has supported the Maranello team often more by damaging them than by helping them.

    The binotto question

    On the other hand, if you rely on riders who have spent more time on the track losing than winning, on communication professionals whose curriculum vitae boasts more layoffs than promotions, one cannot be surprised if the result of so many commendable efforts is the opposite of the one hoped for. It’s not that making you say you’re good then you become world champion. The Binotto question was posed by the many disappointments, the mistakes made, equaled only by the enormous investments made in recent years. La Gazzetta only recounted them, did not create them, always trying to be an incentive for Ferrari to return to winning the drivers’ world title that has been missing since 2007.

    the recipe of the great enzo

    Enzo Ferrari who started it all said: “I’m not embarrassed by questions from journalists, but those I ask myself.” Yet it had also happened to him, the greatest of all, to go years without winning. Knowing no other way than work, he continued to damn himself for the World Championship to return home to Maranello. Recovering that spirit is the first point of the program that the team principal must establish for himself and for those around him. Forget the grand masters of the order of excuses, forget the beggars. The losers who always have the truth in their pocket and an empty bulletin board. Ferrari doesn’t need zealous runners in red overalls, so at least some autographs are still being signed. To beat Mercedes and Red Bull, Hamilton and Verstappen are not needed. There is still a season ahead to be built starting from a driver, Leclerc, who has everything to be a champion. The rest, if Ferrari will make Ferrari, will come by itself.