Former Sampdoria player Júnior Tavares is diagnosed with a brain tumor

Sao Paulo

09/15/2023 at 01:04


The left side Júnior Tavares, former player for São Paulo and Italian club Sampdoria, among other clubs, was diagnosed with a brain tumoras reported this Thursday by Ponte Preta, his current team.

“Since the initial diagnosis, Ponte Preta has closely followed the athlete’s situation and has provided him with all the necessary support,” reported the club from the city of Campinas, which plays in the national second division.

The 27-year-old soccer player, according to local media, has been hospitalized since Wednesday night at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) hospital in Campinas, 100 kilometers from São Paulo, the regional capital.

Júnior Tavares had been separated from training since June 27, when he began to suffer headaches and health problems.

In addition to Sampdoria and São Paulo, Júnior Tavares also defended Portuguese side Portimonense and Sport Recife and Náutico.