Former coach Peter Neururer sharply criticizes FC Schalke

Things aren’t going well at FC Schalke at the moment – neither in sport nor in the club. A former coach has now commented on the club.

Peter Neururer assessed the sporting situation of his former club FC Schalke 04. The ex-coach said: “The clear goal was formulated before the season: direct promotion. (…) Anyone who has even a little knowledge of the game should have said that you can’t get promoted with this team. Not even a magician,” said Neururer in an interview with “Sport Bild”.

Schalke is currently in 14th place in the 2nd Bundesliga with just 23 points from 20 games. There are also problems within the management team: Thomas Reis was fired as coach, board member Peter Knäbel was dismissed.

According to a “Bild” report, a new group has formed in the background over the past few months. They are aiming for massive changes at Schalke and want to save the club. In addition to Neururer, the former supervisory board chairman Clemens Tönnies is also included.

“He was brought in (…) to calm the curve”

When it comes to the squad, Neururer has a bleak view: “Any analysis must show that the team is overpriced and too weak for the goals set,” said the 68-year-old. Neururer also criticized the decision to bring in Marc Wilmots as the new sports director.

He also deserves a chance, “but here too you will be allowed to ask questions: What specialist knowledge does he have when it comes to Schalke 04 at the moment? What knowledge does he have about the 2nd league? Can he do the job even though he was previously never worked as a sports director?”

At least no one in the club can judge whether he is “world class” in the job. “In my opinion, Marc Wilmots was brought in to calm the curve. To present a Eurofighter, a familiar face,” continued Neururer.