Format change: Streamers to the theater

The path of succeeding on radio and television and then arriving at the theater as heroes who can be seen live continues. Today, those who resort to this formula are the streaming figures, who recreate their programs on important stages before a crowd that does not stop chanting their names. Currently, Nicolás Occhiato, Migue Granados, Lucas Rodríguez and Tomás Rebord are the ones who most exploit this form of entertainment and billing for ticket sales. From virtuality to the here and now, with more fervor and interaction with his followers.

This segment of live programs from the YouTube and Twitch platforms exploded in the middle of the pandemic, when everything had been reduced to broadcasting from one’s own home. One of the first to turn his room into a screen for the world was Nicolás Occhiato, when he founded his YouTube channel, Luzu TV, which today has more than a million subscribers and programming similar to that of any FM or AM. Among its greatest figures are Grego Rossello, Diego Leuco and Pachu Peña. The keys to keeping the audience captive are a casual style that emulates the typical gathering of friends, and the advantage that these are programs that are recorded and can be seen and listened to at any time.

Pioneer. The former “Combate” participant was also one of the first who dared to jump onto one of the main stages in Argentina when he brought his program “Nadie says anything” along with his panelists Nacho Elizalde, Flor Jazmín Peña and Momi Giardina, to Luna Park, in a sold out evening in which they did the usual format, plus some live artistic paintings, in front of thousands of excited fans. That night Luna Park revived the glory of its best rock shows.

If Argentina is a country that is governed by the crack, River-Boca and Tini-Lali, streamers are no exception. And if there is a successful Nico Occhiato, there is a Migue Granados willing to everything. So much so that For the relaunch of Olga, his YouTube channel, Pablo’s son interviewed none other than Lionel Messi. A knockout media impact. Their competitor Luzu TV could only accept defeat and broadcast it live. And if that interview seemed excessive, in recent days Migue promised to bring his program “I dreamed that I was flying” to the River field. What seemed exclusive to bands like Coldplay and U2 would soon be made available to Granados and his co-teamers Gimena Accardi and Lucas Fridman.

Another of the streamers who has taken on a new role recently is Lucas Rodríguez, better known as Luquitas. Emerging from stand-up, today he is an Argentine streaming celebrity, which earned him Vorterix radio to give him his own space. However, Luquitas goes for more. And emulating the hero of this metié, the Spaniard Ibai Llanos, he scheduled a contest for this end of the year at Luna Park, where various leaders in streaming and music will fight in a boxing duel. The event that emerged from a talk on his program began to take on an identity and this December 21 will take place in the emblematic boxing ring that saw the beauty of Nicolino Locche and Carlos Monzón. The tickets, already sold out, ranged between 7,500 and 35,000 pesos. Round business.

Streamer militancy. Perhaps the most genuine path of those mentioned is that of Thomas Rebord, a young lawyer, journalist and Peronist, who gained importance on YouTube for his political analyzes that had clear objectives of criticism: the new mileism and the now classic Macriism. Clear, His ability to rethink current affairs made many politicians such as Máximo Kirchner, Cristian Ritondo and Juan Grabois agree to be his interviewees. With thousands of followers on his social networks, the political context forced him to take his art to a larger stage where people could participate in person. Thus, their show arrives at the Gran Rex this December 4.

Some will say that it is a more direct means of communication, others that it is a more concrete way to generate income. The truth is that streaming is moving to the most important stages in Buenos Aires and the public is celebrating with standing applause and selling out seats.

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