For Jorge Macri, Alberto Fernández is “cizañero” and “poisonous”

The Buenos Aires government minister, Jorge Macriqualified the president Alberto Fernandez as “tassy” and “poisonous”. The former president’s cousin Mauricio Macri He made a post on his social networks about the president and spared no criticism.

“The President has been looking for ways to generate anger between the provinces and the Capital for a while. The proposition that he makes always revolves around the same thing, the supposed “rich” city that steals what does not belong to the poor provinces. He wants to create rancor and enmity among Argentines by presenting the porteños with lies as petty, insensitive, and greedy. The tares resemble wheat but its seeds are very poisonous. That is why those who promote fights between friends and brothers are called weeds, they appear good as wheat, but they are full of poison. They are bad people”, wrote Jorge Macri.

In these days, the minister also referred to various agenda items, such as the 2022 census. “The census shed light on many data that were unclear, especially in the provinces. We have seen a number of years of liquidating resources to La Matanza that it should not have received, and if they went there it is because they did not go to municipalities that deserved it,” Macri said on FM Delta, referring to the controversy unleashed by various PRO members who , after knowing the data of the last survey, denounced that the 2010 Census had been adulterated by Kirchnerism to assign to The slaughterits main electoral stronghold, 85 billion pesos, 30,000 million more than he should have received.

Likewise, Jorge Macri referred to the battle that is currently being waged between the national government and the Supreme Court of Justice. Alberto Fernández promoted, together with several governors and leaders of Kirchnerism, a request for impeachment to the Court, after the scandal of hidden lakeand that the magistrates rule in favor of the Buenos aires city in the dispute with the national government over co-participating funds.

“What happens with the Court seems to me a staged show that is in line with what Kirchnerism has been proposing since he returned to government, which is trying to attack justice. Since they know they are guilty in a lot of cases, their objective has been to persecute justice, discredit it and say that it does not represent the interests of the people, it seems to me a regrettable show that it has no chance of advancing in Congress,” said the minister. . “It may be that there are specific errors with a ruling, which there are and that is why justice has several instances, but stating that one must attack the institutional framework is not the way to resolve it. It is clear that Kirchnerism is not looking for a more transparent, fast or efficient justice system, but rather wants to condition it”, he added.

He also praised the management of the government of the City of Buenos Aires. “There is no doubt that CABA and when one compares it with the rest of the country, because what happened in these 16 years must be put into context, has had a process of continuous improvement, which does not relax me but rather challenges me. ”, said Macri, who, in the face of a possible victory of Together for Change in the 2023 elections, assures that one of the axes in the opposition force is to promote “public order”. “We are already working on that. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is clear about it and there is a team working on it, I am part of it. If we are lucky enough to govern the nation, the province and the city, I have a very clear decision regarding enforcing law and order. Nobody has a right over the other, the coming country is going to be difficult, ”he advanced.

Of course, the official also referred to the inmates within his force, such as the one between the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretaand the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, since both aspire to be candidates for president. Macri minimized the issue: “It does not seem to me that there are so many inmates in Together for Change, there will be differences and issues on which they must agree,” he said.

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