The footpath that leads to the lighthouse on Vlieland was recently named after Liesbeth List, who died in 2020. The college of mayor and aldermen decided to do this, in order to honor the singer. She grew up on Vlieland. In the presence of List’s family and the mayor, granddaughter Lílah and the King’s Commissioner in Friesland Arno Brok unveiled the Liesbeth Listpad reports The Telegraph

    The unveiling of the street sign was delayed by two years due to the pandemic. In addition to the nameplate, the artwork, with the text ‘I love you’, was also shown for the first time. The production of this was made possible by donations from readers of the Vlieland Magazine. “We are so grateful for this. It seemed like she personally blessed it,” said daughter Elisah (39).

    List lived from her seventh year, after wandering in orphanages, with Jaap and Marie List on Vlieland. She eventually took their last name as well. She stayed on the Wadden Island until she was eighteen, before trying her luck in Amsterdam, where she lived until her death.