Football Rules: IFAB – Permanent five substitutions possible

Status: 06/13/2022 1:54 p.m

There will also be five substitutions per game in football in the future. The rule change introduced at the beginning of the pandemic will become a permanent solution.

The 136th Annual General Meeting of International Football Association Board (IFAB) decided in Doha to change the previously temporary regulation for the coming season. According to this, five changes on three occasions plus the half-time break will now be available indefinitely.

The reason for this is the positive feedback from the clubs and national associations. In the course of this, teams can also go into a game with a larger squad, instead of a maximum of twelve, up to 15 substitutes will be possible on the game report in the future.

Semi-automatic offside technology could be coming

Semi-automatic offside technology could also be used for the World Cup in Qatar (November 21 to December 18). The tests are “very promising”said FIFA President Gianni Infantino. Pierluigi Collina also showed up “very confident”. So there is hope “faster and more reliable decisions”, explained the head of the refereeing committee of the world association. Tests for an adjusted offside rule are ongoing in the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden. The regulation should “become friendlier to attacking football”said Infantino. It’s about “marginal offside positions by toe length” may no longer be punishable in the future. According to the new idea, a player should no longer be considered offside if a part of his body is still on the same level as the penultimate player of the opposing team to score a goal.

Soon bodycams for referees in amateur football?

The test phase for the special handling of concussions has been extended until August 2023. Attempts are also being made to play time to avoid major game delays in the future. In addition, the proposal to use bodycams for referees in amateur football is being examined to prevent violence.