Football DFB Cup: Hertha BSC versus Hamburg – live ticker – round of 16 – 2023/2024

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    9:35 p.m

    Half-time conclusion:
    The teams say goodbye at halftime. Hamburger SV leads 2-1 against Hertha BSC in the DFB Cup round of 16. HSV got off to a lively start without necessarily becoming dangerous. Hertha, on the other hand, worked their way into the game better and better and rewarded this with Reese’s opening goal. Pherai equalized the result with a long-range shot before Benés scored Hamburg’s second goal shortly before half-time. In an overall balanced game, everything is still open. We’re looking forward to an exciting second half – see you soon!

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    9:34 p.m

    End of 1st half

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    9:32 p.m

    Derry Scherhant

    Yellow card for Derry Scherhant (Hertha BSC)

    Scherhant throws the ball away and is cautioned.

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    9:32 p.m

    HSV wants to take the lead into the dressing room and is currently managing the result. Anything else happen here before the half-time whistle?

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    9:31 p.m

    Three minutes are replayed. The reason for this is several small interruptions due to injuries.

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    9:31 p.m

    Official added time (minutes): 3

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    9:29 p.m

    Laszló Bénes

    Tooor for Hamburger SV, 1:2 by László Bénes

    HSV turns the game around! Öztunali breaks through on the left and chips the ball into the middle, where Ernst deflects the ball forward with his hand. Bénes is in the right position and scores from close range.

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    9:28 p.m

    Big opportunity for HSV! Öztunali brings the ball from the right to the penalty spot, where Németh passes it into the back area for Bénes. Bénes aims for the right corner, but his shot just misses the post – lucky for Hertha!

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    9:26 p.m

    Bakery Jatta

    Yellow card for Bakery Jatta (Hamburger SV)

    Jatta is also booked for the foul in midfield.

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    9:26 p.m

    After a duel in midfield, Jatta and Klemens need treatment. After a short break we continue.

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    9:25 p.m

    Reese turns again from the left and brings the ball sharply to the second post. Tabakovic and Scherhant narrowly missed the ball, so HSV ended up with a throw-in.

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    9:23 p.m

    Muheim brings a cross from the left halffield sharply into the penalty area, where Meffert rises and heads powerfully towards the goal. Ernst easily plucks the ball out of the air.

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    9:21 p.m

    The game has now lost some of its pace. HSV lets the ball circulate through their own ranks and patiently looks for a gap.

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    9:18 p.m

    There’s almost a quarter of an hour left to play and with Pherai’s goal everything is open again. Both teams continue to play with their sights open and look for a direct route to the opposing goal.

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    9:16 p.m

    Immanuel Pherai

    Tooor for Hamburger SV, 1:1 by Immanuël Pherai

    There is the balance! Bénes has an eye for Pherai, who has plenty of space centrally in front of the penalty area and hits the bottom left corner with a long-range shot from 18 meters – a great goal.

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    9:16 p.m

    Now for HSV: Pherai is sent into the penalty area with a through ball from the left and fires at the goal from an acute angle. Ernst gets down quickly and can hold on to the low shot.

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    9:15 p.m

    Again and again Reese: The 26-year-old picks up the pace again and simply shoots from 18 meters. His shot is still blocked.

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    9:11 p.m

    Michal Karbownik

    Yellow card for Michał Karbownik (Hertha BSC)

    Karbownik complains a little too much after a foul and is warned.

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    9:11 p.m

    In an overall balanced game, Hertha took the lead early on. How does HSV react to the setback?

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    9:09 p.m

    Immanuel Pherai

    Yellow card for Immanuël Pherai (Hamburger SV)

    Pherai is late against Niederlechner.

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    9:09 p.m

    Early change for the hosts: Gechter is apparently injured, so Leistner takes over his position in central defense.

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    9:09 p.m

    Toni Leistner

    Substitution at Hertha BSC: Toni Leistner

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    9:08 p.m

    Linus Gechter

    Substitution at Hertha BSC: Linus Gechter

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    9:06 p.m

    Fabian Reese

    Great for Hertha BSC, 1-0 by Fabian Reese

    Hertha leads! Niederlechner penetrates the penalty area from the left, but his cross pass is initially blocked. The ball lands on the left side of the penalty area to Reese, who hits the right post in his first attempt. From there the ball jumps back into play directly onto Reese’s foot, who then slides in to the bottom left.

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    9:06 p.m

    The guests are currently stepping on the accelerator and moving forward with vigor. Jatta penetrates the penalty area from the right and actually has plenty of space to shoot. But the 25-year-old starts dribbling and misses the ball.

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    9:04 p.m

    HSV combines on the right sides towards the penalty area. Mikelbrencis passes it to Pherai, who shoots it near the penalty spot. Dárdai throws himself into the shot and is able to block it.

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    9:00 p.m

    Bénes takes a free kick short from the left half of the field and fails to get the ball into the penalty area because Kenny blocks the cross – a poor attempt.

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    After Hamburg’s good opening minutes, Hertha is also finding its way into the game better and better. Both teams play determinedly and directly forward.

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    Scherhant overcomes two HSV defenders on the left and penetrates freely into the penalty area. His cross pass is cleared to the next corner, which becomes quite dangerous: Reese and Kenny take a short lead, so that Kenny crosses the ball sharply onto the far post. The ball sails just past the right post – that was close.

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    The hosts receive a corner from the left, which Dárdai brings sharply into the penalty area. Öztunali clears the ball in his own penalty area with a freeing shot.

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    Now Hertha joins the game: Dárdai brings a cross from the left into the backcourt, where Klemens volleys the ball but shoots well over it.

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    8:50 p.m

    Öztunali comes from the left and has plenty of space. But his cross pass towards Bénes is blocked in the penalty area.

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    8:48 p.m

    HSV is immediately in a good position and pushes far forward. Pherai penetrates the penalty area from the left side and looks for a shot, but the shot is blocked by Dardai.

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    8:46 p.m

    The ball is rolling. HSV toasts in dark jerseys. Hertha wears white and blue.

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    8:46 p.m

    Game start

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    The game’s referee is Sascha Stegemann. His assistants on the sidelines are Mark Borsch and Stefan Lupp. Guido Winkmann is on duty as VAR.

  • 8:16 p.m

    Let’s look at the personnel: On the Hertha side there is a change compared to the Elversberg game: Karbownik starts for Kempf. HSV coach Walter, on the other hand, changes seven times: Raab, Mikelbrencis, Hadzikadunic, Jatta, Schonlau, Nemeth and Öztunali play from the start.

  • 20:12

    A look at history shows that both teams faced each other in a total of 76 games. Hertha won 33 meetings, while HSV won 30 times. 13 other games ended in a draw. The last time the two teams faced each other was in August. At that time, HSV won clearly 3-0.

  • 8:08 p.m

    “We’re really looking forward to the game, the cup, as always, has its own laws. The goal is to go home with a win. But we have to give more than 100 percent for that – and then we’ll see what happens in this competition still possible,” said HSV professional Jatta before the game.

  • 19:56

    HSV prevailed against Arminia Bielefeld in the second round of the DFB Cup. In the end, Hamburg won 4-3 on penalties against East Westphalia. Things have also been going quite well in the league recently: HSV played a draw against city rivals St. Pauli and is currently in the relegation zone.

  • 19:51

    “This will be a real performance comparison. In August, Hamburg were a class better. Now we want to show that we have developed further, defend ourselves and progress,” said Hertha coach Dardai before the game.

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    The duel between the two second division teams promises an exciting cup evening. Hertha is on the rise after the 5-1 win against SV Elversberg, although the Old Lady has so far had nothing to do with the promotion places in the 2nd Bundesliga. In the second round of the DFB Cup, Hertha recently beat Bundesliga side Mainz 05 3-0. The hosts also want to advance one round this evening.

  • Hello and welcome to the round of 16 in the DFB Cup! This Wednesday evening Hertha BSC meets Hamburger SV. The game in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin kicks off at 8:45 p.m.

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