Football commentator feels like a war reporter: What is going on at FC Groningen and SC Cambuur? | podcast Radio Ramcrat

A football commentator feels like a war reporter, crying children in the stands. Supporter violence has been the rule rather than the exception at football matches in recent months. What is going on at FC Groningen and SC Cambuur? Reporters Sander Dekker and Wietske Koen update you in a new episode of our weekly crime podcast Radio Ramkraak.

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“What you see at FC Groningen is that volunteers, security guards and people from the club are simply threatened by part of the hard core,” says Sander Dekker. “For example, we recorded that someone was caught with fireworks. And he said to a security guard, you keep your mouth shut, because I know where you live and where your children go to school.”

In Leeuwarden there were riots in the city and at the stadium earlier this football season. As a measure, the public is no longer welcome at home matches of SC Cambuur. Reporter Wietske Koen followed the criminal cases against the rioters: “Some have families. Father who riots on a Sunday afternoon or Saturday evening.”

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