Football Champions League women: Arsenal WFC vs. FC Bayern – live ticker – quarterfinals second leg – 2022/2023

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    10:59 p.m

    Finished at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal WFC beat FC Bayern Munich 2-0 to reach the semi-finals of the Women’s Champions League. The Gunners remained the more dangerous team in the second half, although they had fewer chances than before. On the other side, the Munich women only woke up in the final phase. Here they shoveled one high ball after the other into the opposing penalty area, but remained harmless throughout the entire game. Over 180 minutes, the English women deservedly made it into the semi-finals of the premier class – especially today they were the clearly better team. Either Paris St.-Germain or VfL Wolfsburg are waiting there. Bayern take on SV Meppen in the Bundesliga on Sunday.

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    10:55 p.m


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    10:55 p.m

    Georgia Stanway

    Yellow card for Georgia Stanway (Bayern Munich)

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    10:55 p.m

    Jonas Eidevall

    Jonas Eidevall (Arsenal WFC) is shown a yellow card.

    Arsenal’s coach complains too vehemently on the sidelines. He is given a yellow card.

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    Bühl pulls out a corner on the left, where keeper Grohs also runs forward. The ball even comes in the direction of the goalkeeper, but in the end nothing worth mentioning jumps out.

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    Again and again, the hostesses manage to get the ball firmly in the opponent’s half of the game. This takes valuable seconds off the watch.

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    10:49 p.m

    Official stoppage time (minutes): 7

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    10:49 p.m

    Damnjanović heads a high chip to the edge of the box to Lohmann. Their conclusion from 15 meters is too harmless for Zinsberger.

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    10:48 p.m

    Jennifer Beattie

    Jennifer Beattie comes on as a substitute at Arsenal WFC

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    10:48 p.m

    Stina Blackstenius

    Arsenal WFC make their substitution with Stina Blackstenius

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    10:47 p.m

    Lina Hurtig

    Lina Hurtig comes on as a substitute at Arsenal WFC

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    10:47 p.m

    Katie McCabe

    Arsenal WFC make a substitution for Katie McCabe

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    10:47 p.m

    Karólina Vilhjálmsdóttir

    Karólína Vilhjálmsdóttir comes on at Bayern Munich

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    10:47 p.m

    Lea Schuller

    Substitution at Bayern Munich: Lea Schüller

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    10:47 p.m

    Ivana Rudelic

    Substitution at Bayern Munich: Ivana Rudelić

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    10:47 p.m

    Lina Magull

    Substitution at Bayern Munich: Lina Magull

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    10:45 p.m

    Laurent is unlucky to have his foot on Foord. Both players remain down and have to be treated. Foord in particular has obviously hurt himself.

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    10:44 p.m

    The last few minutes are running. It is not clear how Bayern want to get through against the tight defense of the hosts. Raffaele and Co. defend this lead too clarified.

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    10:39 p.m

    Straus tries everything again. Laurent and Lohmann replace Rall and Zadrazil.

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    10:38 p.m

    Sydney Lohman

    Substitution at Bayern Munich: Sydney Lohmann

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    10:38 p.m

    Sarah Zadrazil

    Substitution at Bayern Munich: Sarah Zadrazil

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    10:38 p.m

    Emily Laurent

    Substitution at Bayern Munich: Emelyne Laurent

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    10:38 p.m

    Jovana Damnjanovic

    Jovana Damnjanović (Bayern Munich) is shown a yellow card.

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    10:38 p.m

    Maximiliane Rall

    Substitution at Bayern Munich: Maximiliane Rall

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    The second change at the Thamesstadterin. Wienroither comes, Pelova goes.

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    10:35 p.m

    Laura Wienroither

    Laura Wienroither comes on as a substitute at Arsenal WFC

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    10:35 p.m

    Victoria Pelova

    Arsenal WFC make a substitution for Victoria Pelova

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    Thanks to the Gunners’ usury of chances, the situation remains the same: FCB still only need one goal to get into extra time. And who knows what’s in here.

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    The Monster chance for Arsenal! While Zinsberger can continue, the next attack is already rolling. Blackstenius passes from the right flat into the left penalty area corridor. There Foord is completely blank and throws the leather over it from twelve meters. It MUST sit!

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    AWFC keeper Zinsberger has been treated on the thigh for about a minute. After Little, does the next player in the hosts have to be replaced due to injury?

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    But not much is going forward with the southern Germans at the moment. Although they are now much more stable. Slowly but surely, however, it also requires offensive moments.

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    Straus makes his first change. With Damnjanović comes a central striker, with Kett a winger player.

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    Jovana Damnjanovic

    Jovana Damnjanović comes on at Bayern Munich

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    Franziska Kett

    Substitution at Bayern Munich: Franziska Kett

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    The standard leads to another of its kind, which Magulla heads in at the first post. There Raffaele clears the third corner. Only then can the hostesses finally clean up.

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    Buehl! The offensive woman gets it right in the box Raffaele and pulls seven meters from the right with his left foot. Wubben-Moy intervenes at the last second and blocks to the corner.

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    Blackstenius easily cleared a Bayern corner in his own sixteen. The Isarstadt women make far too little from the few standards.

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    The tenor of the match remains the same: the English capitals make the better impression. Virtually nothing burns defensively.

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    He sat! Maanum tries it from 13 meters from half left with a flick to the far corner. Viggósdóttir blocks the shot with his face and falls to the ground briefly. It will continue for the defender.

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    One thing is clear: The Reds have to develop a lot more courage in the offensive game in the second half. With the current result they would be out.

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    Go on.

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    Kick-off 2nd half

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    Mid-term conclusion:
    Break in London, Arsenal WFC deservedly lead 2-0 against FC Bayern Munich. After the Germans got off to an acceptable start, the Gunners took the initiative. A dream Maanum goal and a Blackstenius header quickly put them two goals in front. As a result, the hosts missed a number of top opportunities – in this respect, Bayern can not complain and are even lucky to be only 0: 2 behind. In the second round there must be more, otherwise the semi-finals of the Champions League will look bleak. See you soon!

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    End of 1st half

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    Official injury time (minutes): 2

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    …and it will red hot! First, Grohs remains the winner with a great reaction against Blackstenius’ header from eight meters. Then a wide cross from Wubben-Moy sails from the right wing to the crossbar. The guests swim.

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    Franziska Kett

    Yellow card for Franziska Kett (Bayern Munich)

    …Kett gets a yellow card for her foul…

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    Not far from the left corner of the box, Foord wins a free kick against Kett…

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    Arsenal with the double chance! The ball tumbles flat from the right flank through the Munich sixteen meter area. There, Blackstenius only fails because of Grohs’ foot defense. Hansen then defends against Maanum in front of the line.

  • 38



    Rafaelle (Arsenal WFC) is shown a yellow card.

    Raffaele fouls Schüller. She sees the yellow box instead.

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    A flat pass from the left slips through to Blackstenius in the middle. The Swede pulls from the turn with the left, but just misses the goal from nine meters.

  • 34


    Bayern are finally signing up too! Kett pulls from a central position of 15 meters after submission by Bühl. The marble slides over the slippers and over the box.

  • 31


    Almost the 3:0! Foord crosses from the left up to the second post. Williamson climbs up from close range but heads the ball over.

  • 29


    The second goal had hinted a little. The hostesses are much better in the encounter and feel really comfortable.

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    Stina Blackstenius

    Tooor for Arsenal WFC, 2:0 by Stina Blackstenius

    Arsenal make it 2-0 – and that’s far too easy! A cross from Pelova from the right wing lands at McCabe on the left. The left-back gives high to the five where Blackstenius nods off free-standing.

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    Grohs in dire need! The keeper rushes out after a bad back pass from Viggósdóttir and just saves from the onrushing Pelova.

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    Schüller is released nicely on the left. The striker has plenty of space, but finds no taker with her cross.

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    Frida Maanum

    Tooor for Arsenal WFC, 1-0 through Frida Maanum

    A fantastic goal puts the Londoners ahead! Hansen plays a disastrous mispass into an opponent’s feet. The ball immediately goes into the box to Blackstenius, which bounces for Williamson. Their placement with the hoe bangs Maanum from 20 meters from half right into the left bend.

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    Dangerous! Grohs doesn’t look too safe with a Maanum corner from the left. In the end, their defenders clarify.

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    Carlotte Wubben-Moy

    Yellow card for Carlotte Wubben-Moy (Arsenal WFC)

    Wubben-Moy is late against Magull from behind. However, yellow is too hard a decision.

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    Bitter news for the Gunners. Little has to be substituted due to injury. Wubben-Moy replaces her.

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    Carlotte Wubben-Moy

    Carlotte Wubben-Moy comes on as a substitute at Arsenal WFC

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    Kim Little

    Arsenal WFC make a substitution for Kim Little

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    Zadrazil stops Little on a counterattack in midfield with a tackle. The woman from Munich doesn’t see a yellow card for that – she’s lucky. At the same time, the Arsenal captain may have been injured and needs treatment.

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    Apart from this chance, the Straus team makes a good first impression. She generates a lot of possession and acts forward.

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    It’s about to get dangerous in front of the FCB case! A flat pass comes from the left to Pelova in the six-yard box. The attacker just gets stuck with her shot.

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    Let’s go in the pouring rain.

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    game start

  • 20:41

    The English will want to build on their strong group stage. They finished ahead of the serial Champions League winners and current holders of Olympique Lyon. In the last group game at FC Zurich, they really got going (9:1) – with just as much offensive drive, it should of course continue today. On the other side, the Germans were mainly successful thanks to their stable defence. They haven’t conceded a goal in the premier class since the beginning of December. Even more important: they recently defeated VfL Wolfsburg (1-0) in the top game of the Bundesliga and thus conquered the top of the table. So the confidence is high.

  • 20:21

    It was a nerve-racking first leg between the two clubs. The Munich team got off to a better start, then the Gunners got into the game better and better. Shortly before the break, the Reds finally struck: Schüller headed their colors in front. In the second period, the Londoners got stronger and stronger. They missed several great chances so that the Bavarians were able to defend their lead to the end. Today, however, it could be tight with a similar defensive performance.

  • 19:59

    Hello and welcome to the Quarterfinals second leg of the Women’s Champions League! FC Bayern Munich would like to move into the semi-finals at Arsenal WFC. Kick-off at Emirates Stadium is at 21:00.

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