Football, Bundesliga: Darmstadt’s inexplicable defensive debacle against Augsburg

As of: March 2nd, 2024 5:20 p.m

SV Darmstadt 98 suffered a huge defeat against FC Augsburg with an inexplicably poor defensive performance, especially in the first half of the game. The Lilies lost 0:6 (0:5) on Saturday (02.03.24) after a series of blatant defensive errors, especially in the first half hour. This meant that FCA equaled its previous record win against VfB Stuttgart from April 2019.

Jannik Müller made it 0-1 in the first minute of the game with a catastrophic bad pass through his own penalty area. Phillip Tietz benefited from his ex-teammate’s major blunder and scored to make it 0-1. Instead of cheering, the Augsburg striker showed apologetic gestures towards the Hessian audience. But the glaring errors continued.

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Lilien defense desolate, Augsburg succeeds in everything

Frederik Jensen (Klaus Gjasula lost the ball; 12′), Ermedin Demirović (Gjasula’s pass error; 20′), Ruben Vargas (Emir Karic’s bad pass; 25′) and Demirovic again (29′) made it 5-0 after just under half an hour . At this point, Darmstadt’s coach Torsten Lieberknecht had already taken the unlucky Müller and Gjasula off the field (27th). Tietz set the final point in the final phase (84th).

The changes at least meant that Augsburg could no longer benefit from the hosts’ mishaps – from then on, Darmstadt only tried to limit the damage. At least this was successful. By the way, Finn Dahmen in the Fuggerstädter box didn’t concede a goal for the first time in 37 games in a row.

FCA with European hopes, Darmstadt almost relegated

Jess Thorup’s Augsburg team has worked its way up the table and is now in contact with the European Cup starting positions with 29 points. For Darmstadt and their defensive performance, which has now proven to be unsuitable for the Bundesliga, relegation is almost guaranteed. Twelve points are already missing from 15th place.

Darmstadt now in Leipzig, Augsburg against Heidenheim

On the next match day, the Lilies have the difficult task of beating RB Leipzig (03/09/24, 3:30 p.m.), while FCA is playing in a midfield duel against 1846 Heidenheim at the same time.