Presumably for Marvin Ajani’s shoe interruption, the referee allowed another minute to be played. Then both teams go to the cabin.



    Official stoppage time (minutes): 1



    Marvin Ajani lost his shoe in his own penalty area. The attacker takes forever to relace his shoe. After a long break, the game is running again. At least he gives the referee an argument for a longer stoppage time.



    Joel Grodowski takes the next corner for SC from the left. But it ends up directly with a Duisburger. A zebra can also block the follow-up shot from Mael Corboz.



    SC Verl is now putting the zebras under pressure earlier. So far, however, the Duisburgers have seemed very safe, especially when moving backwards.



    Niclas Thiede invites the guests to their first chance. The goalkeeper plays directly into the feet of Kolja Pusch in front of his own goal, which passes directly to Moritz Stoppelkamp. Tobias Knost throws himself into the path of the shot at the last moment and stops the shot attempt so that Niclas Thiede can pick up the leather. That could have ended badly for the sports club.



    Mael Corboz crossed from the left half field to Joel Grodowski, who just missed the ball in the penalty area. At least that was a good approach.



    Luca Stellwagen

    Yellow card for Luca Stellwagen (SC Verl)

    After losing the ball himself, the loser pulls so hard on Marvin Bakalorz’ jersey that the SC kicker is warned for the tactical foul.



    For the long throw-ins from Torge Paetow, the losers even placed towels and rain protection on the touchline in advance.



    Moritz Stoppelkamp has space on the left side and invites Vinko Šapina to a dance. He hits two hooks before he finishes from 23 meters half-left position. His slightly deflected low shot is easy prey for Niclas Thiede in the East Westphalia goal.



    Verl continues to let the ball run safely through their own ranks. However, the zebras are arranged in such a way that the SC rarely succeeds in combining from their own half. So far, however, there has also been little offensive from MSV.



    Cyrill Akono has a lot of space on the left after a long ball. He pulls in on the baseline, but gets stuck with his cross to Marvin Senger. After all, he gets a corner kick out of it for his team.



    Vinko Šapina

    Yellow card for Vinko Šapina (SC Verl)

    After 20 minutes, a loser is now also warned. For a foul on Chinedu Ekene in their own half there is a yellow card for the SC man and a promising free kick for MSV.



    On the right-hand side, Tobias Knost also clears Moritz Stoppelkamp after the ball, who stops for a moment. After a moment of shock for Duisburg, the MSV captain can continue.



    Joshua Bitter

    Yellow card for Joshua Bitter (MSV Duisburg)

    Bitter comes too late in midfield against Baack and hits the opponent when the ball is long gone. He was rightly given an early warning for that.



    The losers immediately have their first really good chance. After a long ball forward from Vinko Šapina, Joel Grodowski smacks the ball with his chest and Yari Otto simply shoots it in the middle from 20 meters. Vincent Müller can spectacularly fend off his flick to the corner.



    Verl has more possession in the early stages, but cannot create any good chances against a well-organized Duisburg defence. Both teams feel each other out at the beginning.



    Moritz Stoppelkamp takes the second Duisburg corner from the right. Marvin Ajani tries artistically after an unsuccessful clarification action by the losers, but only hits Mael Corboz, who thrashes the leather out of the danger zone.



    Torge Paetow throws in the ball from the left. His coach had praised his long throws before the game, but this shot poses no danger for the SC, because a Duisburg player can clear with a header.



    When the losers build up the game, Kolja Pusch tackles Vinko Šapina from behind in a completely overambitious manner. The referee indicates that the player from Duisburg played the ball. It is questionable whether that was the right decision. That looked really bad. But Vinko Šapina is standing again.



    Let’s go in Paderborn! Referee Tom Bauer from Mainz whistles to start the game.


    Verl’s coach Michel Kniat made two changes to his starting XI compared to the 2-2 win against SV Meppen. Tobias Knost takes over from Nico Ochojski and Torge Paetow takes over from Michel Stöcker in central defence. MSV Duisburg also makes two changes compared to the Dresden game. Kolja Pusch storms for Aziz Bouhaddouz and Tobias Fleckstein stands in for the suspended Sebastian Mai.


    Duisburg coach Torsten Ziegner has serious injury problems early in the season. With Alaa Bakir (torn meniscus), Rolf Feltscher (torn knee ligament), Benjamin Girth (hamstring injury), Caspar Jander (torn ankle ligaments), Marvin Knoll (rehab after calf injury), Leroy Kwadwo (torn tendon in the hip area), the coach has to down to six players give up due to injury. In addition, Sebastian Mai is suspended after the fifth yellow card. Michel Kniet, on the other hand, is without Cottrell Ezekwem (foot injury) and Barne Pernot (torn cruciate ligament), Nicolas Sessa (torn muscle) and the suspended Mateo Biondic.


    After four wins in a row and a draw against Oldenburg, guests from Duisburg have recently suffered two defeats in a row. Against 1860 Munich and Dynamo Dresden, Torsten Ziegner’s eleven left the pitch as losers. With eleven points, Duisburg are currently only in the middle of the table. The most important player of the zebras is captain Moritz Stoppelkamp. The 35-year-old has scored three times himself and prepared five goals.


    SC Verl will start from 18th place in the game against MSV Duisburg, which is currently 11th in the table. Most recently, the Losers earned a point against SV Meppen with a good performance. Goals from Joel Grodowski and joker Joscha Wosz ensured the deserved 2-2 final score. Before that, the home side could only win one of the last five league games. To get out of the relegation zone, Michel Kniat’s team need points today.


    Because the sports club arena of SC Verl is not yet suitable for the third division due to floodlights that are too dark and no undersoil heating and is being renovated, the SC from Verl continues to play its home games in the home deluxe arena of SC Paderborn. The East Westphalians also receive MSV Duisburg here today.

    12:59 p.m

    Hello and welcome to the 3rd division on Sunday. At 2 p.m. SC Verl welcomes MSV Duisburg.