Football 3rd league: SV Waldhof vs. Duisburg – live ticker – 14th matchday – 2023/2024

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    A free kick flies from the left halffield into the SVW penalty area. Joshua Bitter gets the ball there. However, his header is too out of place and is not dangerous.

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    Chinedu Ekene is sent to the right wing with a through pass. He brings the ball in front of the goal with a hard cross pass. However, an MSV defender intervened in time.

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    Laurent Jans needs treatment. The game is interrupted for the time being.

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    Benjamin Girth

    Yellow card for Benjamin Girth (MSV Duisburg)

    Benjamin Girth comes too late against Laurent Jans in midfield. For this he received a yellow card early in the game.

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    The encounter isn’t really getting going yet. The game takes place primarily in midfield.

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    The ball is rolling! Which team gets off to a better start?

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    Game start

  • 1:03 p.m

    After only three points from the first six games, Torsten Ziegner had to vacate the dugout in Duisburg. Interim coach Engin Vural then scored four points from four games. Boris Schommers has been on the Zebras’ sidelines since matchday 12. His team remained winless in its first two games against Arminia Bielefeld (0:1) and Rot-Weiss Essen (1:2). Bitter: In the derby the goal only came in the 3rd minute of added time. He changes personnel in three positions. Marvin Knoll, Niclas Stierlin and Alexander Esswein (all bench) make way for Baran Mogultay, Jonas Michelbrink and Benjamin Girth.

  • 12:52

    The home team only got one point from the last five matches. There are now three defeats in a row. Most recently, Rüdiger Rehm’s team went down 3-0 at SpVgg Unterhaching. In comparison, there are two changes. Madéno Albenas and Pascal Sohm begin for Tim Sechelmann and Charles-Isaiah Herrmann.

  • 12:32

    For both teams it’s important points to stay in the league. Waldhof Mannheim (16th) is just above the line. The guests from Duisburg are at the bottom of the table with just seven points. There are now five points missing from the saving bank.

  • 12:30

    Hello and welcome to the 14th matchday in the 3rd league. Waldhof Mannheim welcomes MSV Duisburg to their home Carl Benz Stadium. Have fun!

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