Food bank can make progress again with proceeds from open day: “Turnout has never been so high”

An open day in the warehouse of the Alkmaar food bank on Pettemerstraat today raised an estimated thousands of euros. That money is desperately needed, because the foundation needs a new truck and the expensive festive month of December is just around the corner.

Busy during open day Food Bank Alkmaar – NH News

The food bank’s open day is an annual event. In addition to informing the general public about the food bank and recruiting volunteers, the day is also used to recruit sponsors.

Whether the latter was successful remains to be seen, but the hundreds of visitors have at least raised an amount that gives the foundation some financial breathing space.

“The turnout has never been so great,” says Mickey van Dijke from the food bank. “I have done everything I can to inform as many people and channels as possible about this open day.”

Become a volunteer

A couple from Schoorl said they had heard about this open day on NH Radio and therefore decided to take a look. “I intend to become a volunteer at the Food Bank. I already do volunteer work, but there is still room for more,” says the couple’s wife. “I see around me that more and more people with jobs are having a hard time, that is why the food bank is so important and more and more support is needed,” says the man.

A woman with a bag full of things sees the market as a good place to shop. “I am already doing some shopping for Sinterklaas. I also support the Food Bank, which is still, unfortunately, desperately needed,” she says.

Today, the Food Bank raised 2,500 euros from the sale alone. The donations still have to be added to this. “Fantastic! We even received donations of €500, I heard from the treasurer. Incredibly nice, every euro is very welcome and we are just as happy with that,” says Mickey van Dijke.

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