Folorunsho from the arguments with Inzaghi to the explosion with Baroni. And now Napoli…

After his youth with the blue and white shirt, Lazio did not renew his contract and Michael played for three years in Serie C. In 2019 Napoli bought him and in recent years loaned him to Serie B between Bari, Reggina and Pordenone. Up to Verona

In the stands of the Romulea pitch, everyone looks at that fifteen-year-old with an impressive physique and a frightening right foot. It’s 2013, an Allievi championship match is being played. The referee awards a free kick from midfield for Savio Calcio. The number 8 takes a run-up and with a powerful arc pierces the goalkeeper’s hands. “When I saw him approaching the ball I warned everyone, get ready because Michael will kick.” The boy who has just scored a goal from midfield is Folorunsho, he plays in the small amateur club of eastern Rome and at the weekend he divides himself between the same age group and the older ones of the Elite Students. Roberto Belardo is his coach, he has known him since he was a child: “I also coached his older brother Giancarlo, Michael always followed him. Together with mother Rita they never missed an away game. At 10 years old on the neighborhood pitches the parents of the other children they complained, they all thought that Folorunsho was bigger. He took the ball, dribbled past everyone and went to goal.” This year, after many sacrifices, he won Serie A with Verona and on Saturday against Juventus he scored another great goal for his team. Anyone who has seen him grow is not surprised.