FNV: possible actions in regional transport ANP

    Employees in regional transport may start campaigning in two weeks. FNV reports that there may be actions because the negotiations on a new collective labor agreement threaten to fail.

    According to the union, this is due to a substandard final offer and an unforeseen ultimatum from the employers. “They want to hear before March 15 whether the members of FNV and other trade unions agree with the final offer they have made. The FNV cannot meet that deadline, because the vote among the members is still running.”

    FNV wants employers to do something about the high work pressure and absenteeism due to illness. To this end, according to the union, investments must be made in young colleagues, employees must receive a structural 5 percent increase in wages and automatic price compensation to correct inflation.

    Members’ consultations are planned from 14 March, in which members can vote on the final offer. A day later, FNV still does not know what the members think. “If that deadline remains in place, it means that we will not get out of it and then actions can hardly be prevented,” said director Marijn van der Gaag.