Flying by and with Margherita Buy: the review by Paolo Mereghetti

Type: autobiographical-psychoanalytic comedy
By and with Margherita Buy. With Anna Bonaiuto, Maurizio Donadoni, Elena Sofia Ricci, Giulia Michelini, Francesco Colella, Pietro Ragusa

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After Cortellesi and before Sastri, on the path already followed by Golino and Jasmine Trinca, Margherita Buy also tackles directing. With a little more autobiographical sincerity, because it is she who puts herself on stage and the subject of her debut is her very personal fear of flying.

Nothing vaguely allusive to Erica Jong, but a real, paralyzing, uncontrollable fear of getting on an airplane. With all the consequences that this entails on a working levelespecially when a Korean director wants her in his film and she is forced to give way to a hated colleague.

Margherita Buy directs herself in “Volare” (Anna Camerlingo).

It is the straw that breaks the camel’s back (hers and that of her neurotic agent, entrusted to the excellent Anna Bonaiuto) and which pushes the protagonist to participate in one of those training sessions that are supposed to combat the fear of flying. Where naturally she will end up dealing with other “cowards” like her.

After a crackling first part, the film has moments of decline (not all the stories of his classmates are of the same level), but the sincerity with which Buy interprets herself and plays with her own neuroses it is an opportunity not to be missed.

For those who want to see the hidden face of Margherita Buy.