Flower Parade Elim has never been held on such a warm day (Photos)

White, red, orange, pink, yellow, fuchsia. Crates full of spherical dahlia flowers have been incorporated onto the parade floats by the float builders.

Six large colorful floats were filled up or glued for the traditional parade. Together with numerous decorated small wagons or bicycles, they formed the parade. It is the smallest parade in the region, but with a lot of love and creativity. The event has been around since 1970.

This year the floats were made with a fairy tale theme. So princesses, a bad wolf, Aladdin, Pinochio and adventuress Moana, among others, wandered through the streets of Elim. Some costumes made me sweat, because at 28 degrees it was probably the hottest parade ever in Elim.

The outcome:

Category A

1st prize RIFF

Big cars

1st prize The Daltons

2nd prize and the audience award

Flower van de Wieke

3rd prize