The Autumn/Winter 2023/24 season starts at van Bommel with the launch of striking brand new styles with the usual bold and authentically strong Floris signature: powerful, stylish and self-confident.

    The company is confidently confronting the currently still tense market situation with centuries of shoemaking experience and, despite the difficulties in the supply chain, continues to stand out from the mainstream. The long ‘own’ approach to procurement, production and orientation is paying off right now. Floris on this:

    “We develop e.g. B. a large part of our leather types and prints exclusively with our partner tanneries. This means that we are less dependent on the conservative leather market, which is currently concentrating on its best classic items due to global events and is currently reluctant to invest in new developments. So we don’t just wait for what is presented to us, we develop it ourselves. The same applies to largely self-sufficient production in our own factory and with long-standing manufacturing partners.”

    The elaborate seasonal campaign with Floris as a testimonial also contributes to the unmistakable FLORIS VAN BOMMEL signature, which clearly stands out at the POS and stands for itself with its recognition value. The shooting for the 2023/24 winter season took place in Georgia, east of the Black Sea and south of the Greater Caucasus. With their uniqueness and complexity, the powerful visual motifs have long since become an important narrative for emotionalizing the brand. Significant for the 9th generation of the van Bommels, which is now constantly evolving and moving forward as a pulsating overall complex with brand, company and team “with everything that goes with it”.

    Long-established dress codes set the pace in the collection. ‘Modern Casuals’ lead the field in the individual groups of Sport, Casual, Dressed and ensure smooth transitions. Above all, boots in a wide variety of designs are among the most important items of the season. The balanced mix of shapes, colors and textures forms the basis for an overall calm picture of the coordinated collection concept. Soft shades and velvety suede dominate, radiating harmony and calm modernity. Luxurious leather and elaborately innovative finishing techniques break open and bring the sophistication and twist that FLORIS VAN BOMMEL is used to. Elegance, value and high craftsmanship with sometimes more than 280 craftsmanship steps per shoe are unmistakable. The ‘customized details by Floris’ speak for themselves and underline the unique character of the styles.

    FLORIS VAN BOMMEL also implements this new nonchalance in formal wear for indispensable classics with a fresh approach. The boundaries between ‘sturdy rough’ with distinctive treaded soles, oily and waxed leather and ‘smart elegance’ with classic silhouettes and more delicate leathers merge as hybrids into exciting eye-catchers, which as ‘style chameleons’ can be casually combined with a wide variety of personal clothing styles and overall looks . Freely based on the Floris credo: no strict rules, never boring and just not one-dimensional!

    Highlights for autumn/winter 2023/24

    Image: Floris van Bommel, AW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand


    The Stapper 28.15

    A master piece: First-class individual dressed styles, a maxim of the Dutch shoe manufacturer. Quality and exclusivity are repeatedly raised individually and authentically to a new level. The elegant last of the ‘De Stapper’ relies on a ‘dragon skin’ embossed premium leather in the upper, developed exclusively with the Italian tanneries. Inspired by dragons and flames and applied using a complex multi-layer process, the leather is unique. A true master piece with a special depth effect, in which each layer is painted by hand. Blake construction offers durability and flexibility. Equipped to withstand any weather, the weather-resistant outsole is made up of several carefully selected materials. The warm grey, synthetic and non-slip rubber sole guarantees dry feet and durability. Of course, the typical Floris storytelling with a hidden message should not be missing. For casual performances or for a special occasion. Unique, elegant and stylish: Next level dressed – mission accomplished!

    Image: Floris van Bommel, AW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand
    Image: Floris van Bommel, AW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand


    The tanker 04.09

    A bold boot with the highest level of comfort that impresses with its casual look. Driven by the character of the exclusive outsole, which looks like real ‘crepe’ made from natural rubber. True to style, it offers the best of both worlds: the comfort of natural rubber mixed with synthetic rubber, which significantly increases durability. Bordered leather elements round off the unique sole. In the upper, the boot relies on a classic ‘chukka’ silhouette, which should not be missing as a basic in any man’s shoe closet. The subtly understated vintage look of the velor is due to the light brushing of the calfskin after the actual tanning process. In favor of a balanced overall picture, the upper blends perfectly with the shaved leather frame. ‘Customized details by Floris’ such as the drawstring with a centuries-old motif from the Van Bommel factory archives and the high-quality leather logo give the otherwise no-frills, pure silhouette individuality. Additional details such as the small golden eyelets along with the decorative braided ribbon, inspired by the lumberjack forests of the USA, bring authenticity. Luxurious and colour-coordinated, the interior lined with calfskin and the removable leather-covered footbed round off the style’s overall performance.

    De Donker

    These styles with Chelsea boots and lace-up boots skilfully bridge the gap between casual and dressed: Disguised as boots, they offer the comfort of a sneaker. Not only due to the average micro outsole, which is complemented by a stacked leather heel with a super-stable command profile insert. The result: A cool look that also guarantees grip and durability. The front sole is made of micro-rubber, a compound originally developed for running shoes, with ultra-lightweight and shock-absorbing properties. As a finish, a treatment with a subtle sandblasting structure is responsible for preventing slipping. The material of the upper silhouette speaks for itself: A Floris-typical, individually designed digital print on the finest calfskin suede, which is finally treated with oil and unfolds its velvety character.

    ‘What a match’: The carefully selected color nuances of the upper harmonize perfectly with the brown tones of the leather frame and the micro sole. It’s also luxurious on the inside with soft calfskin allover, right down to the removable footbed. The motifs on the functional pull tabs, lettering that come from the factory archives of the van Bommel shoe factory and were designed hundreds of years ago, provide a special reference to the heritage of the Dutch shoe manufacturer. The feed label also shows the van Bommel factory as a small company feature. Also strictly from European production like the complete collection.

    Image: Floris van Bommel, AW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand
    Image: Floris van Bommel, AW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand” />
    Image: Floris van Bommel, AW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

    The Moker 04.02

    The high lace-up boot is a brand new, expressive ‘character’ piece in the 2023/24 winter collection. The ‘sturdy’ style proves that classic silhouettes never go out of style – if treated well. The rough look of the multi-layered leather sole is the result of the special ‘wash & hammer treatment’. In addition, the brilliant upper made of strong Italian calfskin suede, which gets its subtle used character from the additional treatment with oil. The highlight of the upper is only revealed at second glance: the special brogue effect design comes into play here asymmetrically. The high level of quality of the style is comfortably rounded off by the fine all-over calfskin lining in combination with the removable, preformed footbed on the inside. Brass hooks and eyes, waxed shoelaces show that nothing has been left out. Custom-made by Floris, the outsole shows typical storytelling in the form of a hand sketch. Actually ‘classic’, but in an ‘unprecedented’ way, the boots go their way as ‘reinvented classics’: bold, robust and stylish, at the same time classy, ​​bold and stylish!


    De Noppi

    The new generation of Noppi sneakers: Quality and fast design merge in stylish allure! Inspired by two defining decades of running shoes: while the Noppi sole has its roots in the functional running shoes of the 1970s, the upper silhouette ties in with the runners of the 1990s. For an effective ‘Super Now and super wow’ in the usual Floris quality. High-contrast color combinations in brown, black and white, and gray or nuanced balanced cream-white-grey tones. The subtle color mixes bring them into play as real all-rounders for every outfit. A mix of sporty mesh, high-quality velor and smooth leather guarantee comfort and durability. Inside in unison with leather and removable footbed. The branding on the stabilizer in the heel area distinguishes them as unmistakable FLORIS VAN BOMMEL sneakers. Just ‘real top runners’!

    Image: Floris van Bommel, AW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand
    Image: Floris van Bommel, AW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand