Land they call “Water bombs”although the more scientific term is storm. These are those intense and violent phenomena that we have known for some years now, which once they arrive generate real disasterssuch as those caused in the Marche.

    Water bombs: a 51 billion disaster

    They are strong enough to cause more damage than earthquakes. Just think, Eea (European Environment Agency) data, that the tremors that occurred in forty years they provoked about 30 billion in damages. While the fury of water and landslidesfor the same period, it is costing Italy 51 billion.

    The storm that hit the Marche was devastating. In the photo Pianello di Ostra, in the province of Ancona (Photo Getty)

    Italy first for hydrogeological damage

    These are exorbitant figures which, again according to EEA data, unfortunately lead Italy in Europe for hydrogeological damage.

    It goes down a lot in Germanyin fact, where the billions are 36, and also in France where I’m 35. The causes aren’t that hard to find.

    Victims of water bombs: when man has responsibilities

    On the one hand, in fact, the inertia of man is the masterwithout however untiing from the peculiar orography of the country which sees two mountain ranges that cut the country e narrow and steep rivers that come down from the slopes.

    But, despite this and despite 8 million Italians live in an area that is dangerous due to landslides or floodsthe hydrogeological risk, is hardly felt.

    Thirty inches of water seem harmless, but if they are full of earth and logs, there is little that can be done to defend against the current. Not that nothing can be done, though.

    It is essential to know what to do

    Information and knowledge of the basic rules when these events occur they are fundamental.

    And so, while deep and structural interventions are expected from the Government and the institutions, knowing what the correct behaviors are can save many livesbecause even a small mistake can be fatal.

    Away from bridges, underpasses and garages

    Today’s thunderstorms are different from the past, they can cause real disasters. This is why even if you only see 10 centimeters of water, you have to be very careful and not be unconscious. What does it mean: immediately move away from the lower floors of the houses And from bridges and underpassesleave the car in the garage and don’t go to the garage to see if everything is okay.

    More climatic disasters, fewer deaths: but there is little to be optimistic about

    However, there is good news. As confirmed by the Wmo, the World Meteorological Organization, however being quintupled in the last 50 years the number of climate disasters, thanks to global warming, the Fortunately, the total number of deaths was reduced to a third.

    But this absolutely does not allow us to be optimistic. Indeed, also because, if it is built near or even above watercoursesoccupying the spaces of nature, this sooner or later will rebel.

    Hurricanes, water bombs, water storms and wind are nothing more than a result of the disregard of human beings against a precious asset such as the land on which they live. Strongly damaging it.