Flood in Emilia Romagna, 24 million for damaged cars

Half of the funds raised from donations will go towards reimbursing those who had a vehicle damaged by the mid-May disaster

To finance the repairs of those who had their car damaged by the flood of last May 16, the Emilia-Romagna Region will use the funds from the donations. Vice-President Irene Priolo explained it during a press point in Forlì together with General Figliuolo: “We have collected 48 million, 50% will be for a contribution to those who have had their car flooded. We will discuss the methods with the mayors, but in order to start the procedure we need the appointment of the sub-commissioner. Knowing that it is a given figure, we do not have many resources, we will try to give an answer that otherwise would not have the possibility of financing”, said Priolo.